Oppo could possibly launch Oppo Find 5 Google Edition

Oppo could possibly launch Oppo Find 5 Google Edition


If you like your Google to have the natural taste of Jelly Bean (or Key Lime Pie) then a recent update on the official Oppo Facebook page will certainly interest you.

After years of fan complaints and suggestions, Android phone manufacturers are finally giving in to give what users really want, a nice clean vanilla install of Android without all those skins and fancy icons cluttering everything up.

The tread started with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition which basically brings the Nexus experience to a non Nexus phone, and China’s Oppo could be next!

On their Facebook Oppo are asking fans if they would like to see an Oppo Find 5 Google Edition running the latest Android operating system just as Google intended it. The post has already received over 700 likes and 100 comments which could help the forward thinking Android phone maker to go through with it!

Would you like to see a Oppo Find 5 Google Edition? Are there any other Chinese phones you wish offered the Nexus experience? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • Simon

    Well if there can be a Samsung GS4 & a HTC One Google Edition, then there certainly can be an Oppo Find 5 Google Edition as well 🙂

  • GS88

    The Xiaomi Mi2s. Every other ‘Google Edition’ phone this year has a 5.0″ screen. So a 4.3″ screen would be most welcome.

    • There is actually an official Vanilla ROM. I might give it a go sometime this week.

  • Simon

    Out of interest, where does the term Vanilla come from ?

    • Lars Nørgaard

      I think you have to look at is as “no added flavors”

    • Many people think of ‘Vanilla’ as plain, or without additives so they tend to call a pure Android experience a ‘Vanilla’ install.

  • ayal

    And maybe the Find 7 Google Edition too!
    Find 7 will be so awesome…

    • Ashton Wilson

      I would piss/ or shit thyself

  • If Oppo launch with vanilla stock for now will they update next version by themselves or it user can directly update its os in future?

    Please reply