JiaYu G4 Turbo will begin shipping early July!

JiaYu G4 Turbo will begin shipping early July!


JiaYu seem to have been hard at work as the latest official news from their forum is that the JiaYu G4 Turbo thin version will ship in early July!

According to a post placed on the official JiaYu Forum here in China just hours ago, JiaYu have completed the debugging process for the JiaYu G4 Turbo thin version and will begin sales of the phone in early July!

As the name suggest’s this version of the phone is a thinner model compared to the one currently on sale, and features a smaller 1850mAh battery, but although there is a 1.5Ghz Turbo quad-core chipset on board it appears this version of the phone is not the much-anticipated JiaYu G4 Advanced!

The official posts says the “thin version of the MT6589 1.2Ghz quad-core has been upgraded to 1.5Ghz MT6589T quad-core. Since the cost in chips is different an additional 30 yuan will be added to the price, the high version (advanced) price is unchanged”.

Thanks to 2PointOBoy for the tip.

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  • Norman Zakaria

    Oh Andi, don’t play with me. I read the title and my heart jumped. Read the post n I fell off my chair and died..

    • burnt_52


    • Oh, I’m sorry 🙂 haha

  • AndyW

    Sooo, will the “Advanced” model come with 6589T + 3000maH battery ? I wonder when that’s due to ship as that’s what I’m looking for, not the “thin” version.

    • burnt_52


    • Had to pin them down…. They’re always swapping and chnaging

  • Mr.BlackWolff

    Hi Robin,

    What about touch button lights??
    or this time buttons painted??

    Camera constantly focusing fault fixed??

    • As the phone hasn’t even been released I’m pretty sure he won’t know the answers……


    Why they bring Turbo version on 1850mah the new MTK drains faster out. Is this Phone compitable with 3000mah?

    • Amper

      The new MTK processors are energy efficient,the main power eater is the screen.
      most likly that it will be packed with 3000mha.
      but you never know with Jiayu 😉

      • The thin version of the G4 has always been in the works, it’s just new that they will be using the Turbo chip, don’t be surprised if later all G4’s have turbo chipsets.

  • Simon

    I think the Neo N003 Turbo is winning this war !!

    • On paper 😉

      • Rafal

        You’ve got some details to backup that? I’ve been thinking on Neo or Jiayu, just wondering which one’s better…

  • Viktor

    July… right…. but which year?

    • Greg

      LOL 🙂

    • rhysd

      hahahah !

    • 😉

      • Rafal

        Which site/store on Ali would you recommend me with lowest price and free shipping to europe that sells Jiayu G4 and Neo N003?
        Is the release date of Jiayu G4 turbo (not thin) version known?

  • Mark

    Is there an official ETA on the 2gb/32gb G4 Advanced 3000mah?
    Etotalk say early July. Spemall vaguely say August and Pandawill specify 15th August.

    Oddly this version is only $20 more than the 1gb/4gb on Spemall. The catch is you have to wait.

    I may just buy the 1gb/4gb 3000mah version. Would 2gb/32gb be pointless if you don’t play games? I only web surf and watch videos.