Spy photos show purported Oppo Find 5 running Windows Phone 8

Spy photos show purported Oppo Find 5 running Windows Phone 8


Leaked photos show what could be a new Oppo phone running Windows Phone 8! Oppo Find 5 WP8 version coming soon?

As the Android market begins to become saturated with high-end low-cost phones, manufactures are looking toward Windows Phone 8 to grab a slice of the Windows Phone 8 pie. We have already seen HTC, Huawei, and others enter the Windows mobile niche, and not it could be the turn of China’s Oppo!

These spy photos which appear to show the a red version of the Oppo Find 5 running Windows Phone 8 appeared on Weibo and other Chinese social networks just this morning.It is still to early to say what the phone will be running under the hood but it’s a safe bet that the Find 5 WP8 version will be a 1080 device.

Of course there is the chance that these images are just clever photo shopped, but we like to hope that they aren’t.

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  • Qidamin

    It also could be an android launcher or a Miui theme version. It should be more evident.

    • elwenxin

      The phone has a Windows 8 home button, so it’s definitely not a theme.

      • Qidamin

        The screen seems ok to me but the buttons are fakes one, like photoshoped. So that is why I think it could be a launcher or a miui theme.

  • Roland

    andi… read your source… posted by an oppo manager… got to liveside.net, read the article on this. there’s a source link to the weibo post. and quit fucking posting shit like this, saying “oh leak”. gizchina is a nice site, but you gotta stop doing this kind of inaccurate posting without real sources and not even reading what your sourcelinks say.

    • Hi,

      1) As the title says it is ‘purported’ meaning “Appear or claim to be or do something”
      2) In the article I even say it could be fake.
      3) There is no need for language like that (especially as you are a site owner yourself!)
      4) It is just a phone chill out.

      • Tony


  • sinnerz2000

    Can’t be 1080P coz that version is supposed to have a 4th column, this only has 3

  • laon

    Why would they even bother to jump on a burning platform?

  • Yi-Long

    I have ZERO interest in a Windows phone, so if it is the new Oppo Find 5, that would be very disappointing. I just want Android. It’s open, it’s free, it’s much lighter and smaller, and it has more/better support.

  • deogan

    Windows mobile does not support 1080p yet, I heard that from an interview of a nokia official after releasing the Lumia 1020

  • Francis.R.

    I’d like 2’ve a windows phone buy sadly they don’t support dual sim. Once u use dual sim u can’t go to one chip (u loose customers) and is unrealistic buy two phones where u r a guy. I mean, sure the girls can use their bags but in my pants pockets sure I’d look a bit “happy” lol.

  • Andy

    On top,it show that the phone is charging yet there no power cords so its FAKE.nobody will want to use wp8

  • Harald

    It’s 1080 phone