1.7Ghz 8-core Mediatek MT6592 scores 29,600 on Antutu

1.7Ghz 8-core Mediatek MT6592 scores 29,600 on Antutu


Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 SoC might have finally met its match in the form of the octa-core Mediatek MT6592.

Mediatek has been cropping up in headlines concerning their next generation processors for the past few days, but this latests news/leak is by far the most exciting we have seen so far!

The image above comes from an internal Mediatek slide show where which claims that the new MT6592 is capable of reaching Antutu scores of 29,600! That’s edging in to Snapdragon 800 territory! What we find even more interesting (and exciting) though is the fact the benchmarks were taken from a 1.7Ghz CPU and the MT6592 is capable of running at a full 2Ghz!

Mediatek will launch the MT6592 8-core processor along with a few other new chips later this year. For more Mediatek details take a look at the 2013-14 Mediatek roadmap here.

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  • Harald

    Don’t be fooled by numbers. It’s coming near Snapdragon in synthetic benchmarks, but not in real-world performance.

    • Airyl

      People were saying the exact opposite when the MTK6589 procesaor came around. It was nice and snappy on HD resolution, but reviewers said it was downright “HORRIBLE” because the the benchmark scores weren’t as good as higher end chips. Let’s face it, recent MTK chips (MTK6589T) are really nice and speedy chips, if they’re benchmark scores were higher they would be selling like hot cakes. It’s you who shouldn’t be fooled right now, because like it or not, MediaTek is slowly growing stronger and stronger, and they eventually will be able to challenge the likes of Qualcomm for best chip maker.

      • amit

        yes.. even i like mediatek chipsets

      • Harald

        How is that the exact opposite? You repeated my statement by saying that benchmark scores don’t correspond to real world performance. You can make a 32 core processor which scores 99999 on Antutu, yet it won’t be faster than a 4 core processor in everyday use.

        • Anti-Harald

          You mentioned it scores high in benchmarks but sucks in real world performance.

          He said most experts noted differently, that it scored well in real world performance but sucked in benchmarks.

          He then proceeded to point out that, in the case of the experts being right, this means its real world performance is way beyond that of a Qualcomm at 29,600.

          Al in all, he shot down what you said. You were wrong on so many levels.

          • Harald

            Synthetic benchmarks which linearly scale with the number of cores do not correspond to real world performance. 4 fast cores are better than 8 slow cores. This is why MediaTek is inferior to Qualcomm.

          • Harald

            To add: There has not been a disparity between benchmark scores and real world performance of the MTK6589. The benchmarks were OK, and it performed OK. I don’t know who you are referring to when you speak of “most experts” who supposedly share a different opinion.

      • Roberto Tomás

        You are right, but this chip is different. it is an 8-core variant, meaning each process thread only get’s half of the cpu horsepower as it would on a typical 4-core. The jury is still out on this one, but the results are really amazing, anyone would have to admit.

    • Mr.BlackWolff

      You have Qualcomm chip based phone and you *dislike* to believe that there are chips going to defeat your precious chip ???????

      • Harald


  • amit

    Let’s see which phone will be the first user of Mediatek 8 core!! good news.

    • Airyl

      Lets also hope they don’t delay the phones.

  • anony

    Even on desktop softwares still struggle to use more than 2 core efficiently.

    4 strong cores >>> 8 weak cores clumped together.

    That said, those 8 cores are probably more than enough for handphone’s app individually. If it means better battery life I’d pick it over 4 strong power hungry cores.

  • philips

    not surprising.

    cortex a-15 with sgx “rogue”.

    matters of assumption, such results r reserved.

    • philips

      n for those ranting about real life usage vs benchmark of octa processor, please read more about cortex a-15 n its LITTLE implementation or Qualcomm Krait architecture. Cheers!

      • philips

        only concern now is when the full production of 6592 can be achieve afterall it is a new fab process.

        engineering samples r very promising in the shanzai scene… n i believe they have reached a very promising milestone in the software development – afterall they r just working on drivers since its vanila android.

  • Chav

    Looks like per-core performance will be on same level…
    No improvement since 6575, where 1 [email protected] scored near 3K in Antutu

  • Mariner

    I think the chances of the MT6592 coming close to the performance of the Snapdragon 800 (or even 600) in any typical usage patterns must be pretty slim. How many apps can actually use 8 threads effectively, other than benchmarks? Not many (if any), that’s for sure.

    That said, in the way that the MT6589 wasn’t meant as a competitor for the high-end Snapdragon chips or Cortex-A15s, I expect that the MT6592 won’t be targeted any higher than mid-range devices, possibly upper mid-range. A lot will depend on how powerful a GPU they include as increasingly graphics-hungry games are likely to be the most demanding apps around for some time to come. A 544MP4 would be nice, that’s for sure! It will be interesting to see if an SGX 6XX GPUs is used instead as well. It would be pretty impressive execution if it is as you wouldn’t normally expect MediaTek to be the first to bring this technology to market.

  • Philips

    I agreed.

    It’s pretty tough for 8x dated A7 cores to pit again 4x Krait.

    But do take note, 6592 Graphics department will be aided by the SGX “Rogue” series which on paper screams and I do not doubt SGX’s capability especially with the 554MP4 which has proven grounds.

    Graphics department also contributes a percentile in benchmarks.

    Personally I think MediaTek played their card real well!

    Most of the times, when it comes to realization of hardware limitation in Smartphone, it is mostly felt when gaming – which taxes on the GPU.

    So by pairing with a (or more) very competant GPU, 8x high (power) efficiency Cortex A7, 28nm fabrication, HKMG processing, high yield, and lower cost which all in all equates to a chip that is going to be seriously threatening the ‘big boys’ and make a name of itself.

    • Philips

      Too addon.. SGX “Rogue” GPU has the something like ARM big LITTLE implementation on its power ‘islands’ – again power usage efficiency

      Personally… I am looking very forward to this processor.

      Other MT predecessors are to me, a testbed, a stopgap to this implementation, license, and partnership integration.

  • PandaTel

    Nice to have a powerfull processor. But i don´t need so much power i need a good GPS

  • Charles Dexter Ward

    Price? Snapdragon 800 has been out for a while already, there is even a succesor in line for it (it is already available, yet no phone maker has adopted it), yet snapdragon is a quad core, and mt is an octacore. I must say, i’ve been unable to try out the “more decent mtk” SoC’s since well the phone i ordered was stolen at some point on the shipment, the only mtk phones i ever tried were horrible performers (the kind of “burn with fire before it lay eggs”). I currently have a nexus 4 with a snapdragon 600 and have a tablet with the rk3188, must say that tablet scores a bit higher on antutu (around 200 points), yet it is a lot slower (good enough though, phone was a bit more than twice $$ the price of the tablet). I’d like to see the SoC for mtk high end sell from $7 to $15, that way a lot more makers would adopt them.