How to fix poor GPS on Mediatek phones

How to fix poor GPS on Mediatek phones


We all love the great value of money and performance Mediatek powered phones offer, but we do wish they would offer better GPS! Thankfully we have a fix for that, keep reading to see how to fix poor GPS on Mediatek phones.

If you have a Mediatek mobile phone (MT6589, MT6589T etc) and you feel that the GPS is not working well or sometimes it takes a to long to lock on to a satellite, maybe this quick fix can do the trick for you! I have already posted this how-to in Spanish on but here it is again in English.

I have tested this fix on the JiaYu G4 Advanced that we received last weekend, it worked for me and hope you will have similar success with other MTK powered phones (it is supposed to work with all the Mediatek chipset), I wait your feedback 🙂

First of all we need to donwload the “Mobileuncle MTK Tools” from Play Store and switch off the GPS. After that, we can start with the how-to:

How to fix poor GPS on Mediatek phones

Open the app and press “Engineer Mode”:

GPS Fix Mediatek

After that press “Engineer Mode (MTK)”:

GPS Fix Mediatek

Once you are in the Engineer mode for MTK devices, you should go to “Location” and then to “Location Based Services”:

GPS Fix Mediatek

Now, we tap on EPO and check that “Enable EPO” is enabled and then press on “EPO IDLE”:

GPS Fix Mediatek

EPO IDLE” will change to “EPO DOWNLOADING”, so you will need to wait few minutes to download a file, I suggest that use it with a Wifi connection.
GPS Fix Mediatek
Once EPO DOWNLOADING back again to “EPO IDLE” we can press back and enter into YGPS:

GPS Fix Mediatek

In the YGPS you will need to press on “Hot”, “Full” and “AGPS Restart”:

GPS Fix Mediatek

Now that you are done test your GPS and you should find that it is faster and more precise! If you haven any questions or comments let me know in the comments below.

Thanks to Juan Pedro from for the tip!

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  • Loukas

    Great news Eduardo , now all i need i a link to purchase the Jiayu G4 Andvanced 😀

    • Soon…very soon

      • Ionutz

        It is in stock on Antelife website.

  • J-Bird

    This will change the time to fix due to the phone knowing more about the location and path of sattelites but this is nog the fix for crappy GPS antennas that usually the source of the issue.

    • I know that the GPS antenna is not the best, but with this fix, I could use yesterday to test it in my car. Before the fix, it was not possible.

  • Lubach W.J

    And all the time that the EPO server cannot be reached , so you have to download by FTP the two files and copy and past them.
    Better is pointing out to the manufactors of the phones to use a better anttenna

    • I donwloaded yesterday, I don’t know if the server is overloaded. Yes, of course is better if the manufacturer uses better quality antenna, but, at least, with the patch you can use it.

    • Guest

      Hello, I always fail on epo download, what is the FTP link to download? Thanks

  • TomeG2kc

    Unfortunately, on Jiayu G3 this solution didn’t work.
    Seeking time is very poor (5-10 minutes), still, even I used to FastGPS or FixGPS from Google Play.

  • Victor

    Wow! works like magic on my THL W8 , thanks Andy !

    • Thank Eduardo 🙂

    • Biggs1844

      Worked for me too. Thanks very much!

  • vinu

    What about older mediatek model mt6577

    • In there is one case reported sucessfully with the MT6577 chipset (Amoi n-821)

  • Patrick

    All this stuff can be done within the normal system settings without Mobile Uncle.

    • Yes!, but I think that it is easier without codes.

      • PandaTel

        You can do that from the settings menu…
        It works for a little time but the problem is the antenna or/and the MTK processors

  • Skeldave

    After EPO IDLE has downloaded and I go back, YGPS is still blacked out.

    Any idea why?

    I’m on a UMI X1 with the LEWA ROM.


  • ubiratamuniz

    really? is this really needed for any Mtk phone or just the 6589 series?
    I really have absolutely *no* complaints about GPS operation on my MTK6577 Zopo (ZP900). Works perfectly for me. Never had to tweak anything.

    • PandaTel

      Perhaps your Zopo has a good antenna design

  • Smobbo

    The same can be accomplished by simply going to location settings and enabling both EPO and A-GPS.
    All the ‘redownloading’ tricks are pointless, atleast if your still in the same country you where last time.

    Something that might help is changing your NTP pool location (use FasterFix for this).

    However all these ‘patches/fixes’ only try to speed up the initial lock time. The quality of the connection is still crappy at best.

    If you need GPS to work, just avoid MediaTek phones for now.

    • PandaTel


  • Marius

    A bit offtopic but I have a cheap Qualcomm MSM8625 based phones and it the GPS locks in uder 5s all the time. Not cold start but I’ve tested it and it’s almost always locking in under 5s even with no network.
    I’ve also not done one single thing to get this performance, it’s just the stock firmware.
    I’m not sure how Qualcomm do it but it works really well.

  • BrianJackson

    Did as instructed and my G4 locked to 13 feet in 50 seconds from a cold start…thats ok by me I know where I am going for the first minute , usually!


  • chezy86

    Hi Eduardo i have the basic Jiayu g4 with 1.2 ghz chip and i can say this fix definitely does make the phone lock on quicker 20 seconds I managed but with sygic sat nav which I tested it on it fails to keep a lock so is pretty useless for serious navigation any other ideas regards

    • nidget

      I confirm this on my g4 basic with google maps and waze: the g4 can’t keep the signal.

  • Ash

    Hey guys do all Mediatek devices zoom in while capturing videos? Is there a solution to that problem? It’s really annoying tbh

    • No not all. The Zopo C3 and C2 seem better than others

      • Ash

        Is there a solution for other mobiles? Like flashing a rom or something?

  • PAUL

    great app for my zopo c2 platinum, thank you very much…

  • Mike

    Sorry guys but your tutorials are all lame. For example if I had to follow the “how to spot a fake Xiaomi” I would have already thrown it away even if it is not a fake one.

  • This tutorial is not working for Quad Core Jiayu G3S, the working way for G3S is:
    1. Go to /data/misc/
    2. Delete mtkgps.dat
    3. Reboot
    4. Using “Faster GPS” app, choose your region
    5. Use Mobile Uncle MTK Tools, download EPO like above
    6. Turn on your gps and test, its 26s locking here

    • tomcat

      i agree. This process is working for my G3N as well.
      However for the G3N (not so sure if same with the G3) something that i have noticed. When i’m on the 4.1.2 official beta or custom Rom after the above process i’m getting very fast lock both on gps data and google maps. After some time or a reboot i’m getting very slow lock on google maps and slower on gps data
      However, on official 4.0.4 (g3n version) once i follow the above process, then i get fast lock all the time no matter how many reboots i do. Even from inside the window behind a balcony of first floor on a rainy day..!!

      • Prasadh

        hey this method is working on lava iris 458q.But voice navigation not working.routes are shown but only one time voice prompts,then goes off.any help to fix this.anyway thanks a ton

    • Goldy

      I m using micromax A116 (Mediatek 6589). Should i follow yoursteps as mentioned above? Where to find this Data/Misc options?

      • john spencer Alquiroz

        your phone should be rooted to find it

    • taufik

      How about for Lenovo A850? How to do?

    • Joe

      Thanks man! Worked perfectly for my Jiayu G3S. Location found in 10s.

    • saver

      For all those who purchased chinese phone based on MTK 6589/6589T

      you probably encounter a GPS fix problems. That expected and in most cases can be solved if you follow my leads here.

      MediaTek was initially a GPS chip provider, only later it started to produce Android CPUs.

      Some of the mediaTek GPS chips are very good (6577) but 6589 is not that great. Furthermore, some chinese assembly weld the GPS antenna very poorly in their phone. For that I can’t really help that, also other MTK chipset may not work with the steps below.

      so : the software fix for the MediaTek GPS issue you need your phone to be rooted.

      My device is the Lenovo S750 . a quad core MTK6589 chipset.

      Do not continue if you don’t have rooted phone.

      then follow these steps:

      alter the JIT compiler parameter: add a new line to /system/build.prop : dalvik.vm.execution-mode=int:fast
      (credit to
      Many web site forget this crucial step and GPS will not forgive them…


      download (on rooted phone) fasterGPS ( and let it re-write /system/etc/gps.conf according to your geographic location (or look at the bottom of this document for sample file) . it will change the NTP servers which help to sync the GPS.

      download the EPO.dat file to /data/misc folder. Trying to download the file from MobileUncle Tools menu will 99% fail. will show progress 0. so either download it directly from MediaTek FTP : ftp user: epo_alps pass: same as username (that FTP server is also down 90% of the time) or use the a nice App that bundles that chip EPO file:

      open MobileUncle Tools and enter engineering mode (MTK), tab navigate to location , press Location Based services. make sure APGS tab has enabled A-GPS. switch to EPO tab: make it autodownload and also press explicit download (EPO idle button) in most cases EPO download file will fail as I explained later.
      (credit to,MrG-kIRDEJ0 )

      delete (using some Root enabled file explorer like ) the /data/misc/mtkgps.dat (or /data/mtkgps.dat)

      reboot phone (important)

      make sure you got a 3G/WiFi internet connection, go outside to the garden and open MobileUncle Tools and enter engineering mode (MTK) and enter YGPS menu . switch to Information tab press in this order: hot,full,A-GPS restart .now switch to satellite and you should start a sat fix. you should see after a minute like 8 satellite in the circles screen. sit and wait 8 minutes. you should see gradually the GPS picking up the signal.

      after you (hopefully get a lock) you can disable the A-GPS and EPO (using MobileUncle Tools) and it should still be able to re-lock your position even without internet. (takes on my device 27 seconds when GPS is cold, 8 seconds when hot)

      • Peter Chan

        Great help, this works on my Huawei Honor 3c MTK6592 phone.

        Thanks very much!

      • MrPet Srbija

        Your method works for me. Thx from Serbia!

    • FrankVeer .

      Didn’t work for me. Deleted the .dat file, rebooted, downloaded the FasterGPS app and set it to my regio. Still can’t download epo files with Uncle MTK Tool (failure). Tried downloading with MT GPS, but can’t see if any files are downloaded and where they are stored (not in the folder Download). Anyway, despite the fact that my phone (THL W8 Beyond) is rooted, I could only delete the file mtkgps.dat but couldn’t copy, move the epo files (from a zipped file) in data/misc.

  • DINO

    i have seen a video on youtube fixing iocean x7 gps by soldering
    have a look

  • The Graduate

    Not working for me (MTK6577). I tried every fix that I found on the internet but none working (CUBOT A8809)

    • PandaTel

      Its a MTK and/or antenna problem. Hardware thing…

    • marcel

      I have the same phone. Like you I tried every fix (sw) I could find. Nothing worked realy well. I finaly removed the GPS antenna and replaced it for 2 solderd wires approx. 10 cm long. I solderd a small connector first so i can disconnect the antanna when not needed. The wires have to be outside the phone!
      Now I have navigation inside the house and in the car! Never seen such high snr signal (40+)!

  • Tomas

    On Jiayu G2S time to first fix was 2 minutes 40 seconds after this sequence. After quiting Uncle tools the second fix a minute later was 2 minutes 11 seconds.
    It seems to be combination of HW and SW issues as the signal is very weak (HW antenna) and is often lost in the city or under trees. But there may be also SW issues (although gps.conf is modified correctly), sometime the phone is waiting very long for fix, but when AGPS data are manually cleared (the same data that helped the phone to get it fixed a few minutes earlier), then it will get the fix in <20 seconds. Last but not least, every piece of phone has different behaviour see it here

  • Greg

    Sounds like MediaTek have the same problems that Qualcomm had in the beginning with GPS. It took several generations of SoC before they got their integrated GPS One tech working right. The GPS on my HTC Touch Pro never worked very well!

    For those people like myself who have been waiting patiently for the G4 Advanced to become available, maybe it would be worth waiting a little longer for the Jiayu S1 – at least that has a Qualcomm SoC in it….

  • Mik

    my H7500+ has a decent reception with 4 meters accuracy. But when I drive the reported speed is not precise. When I drive 30kmh it could show anything from 27 to 33kmh. Is that normal for Android phones and is there anything I can do fix this?

    • sure, its not normal. I don’t know where is problem but i also have this problem. maybe in drivers for GPS in android for MTK 6589. Example my old lenovo a750 on MTK 6577 is really good for GPS driving – zero is 0 when U stopped. But my new G4 is very bad, mpossible uses in car. And interesting – both and lenovo and G4 fix sattelits fast, both have 6-8 sattelits fixed with good signal…

      So i know this problem at many 6589 phones but don’t know why developers not fixed it. Maybe they not tested in driving mode and only in STATIC? don’t know…maybe they hav’t a car?

    • Greg

      On my HTC Sensation and my gf’s Note, both usually show slightly less than the speed we’re actually doing on the motorway (e.g 67 or 68 mph when the car’s speedometer shows 70) which is about right due to the margin of error built into speedometers (I think ; ). I don’t think I’ve ever seen my phone’s GPS show more than the speed I’m doing.

  • So, here not a problem with fast fix GPS on MTK pralforms. GPS is ok but IN STATIC. I think here is software or hardware problem.

    C2, G4 and another phones at MTK 6589 have this problem. Yeap, this method is working but for fast fix sattelits and not for driving in your CAR.

    If you want use in your car – this not help, also like editing gps.conf and etc. Speed is frozen (slowly when you real speed), position on road not correct, many errors).
    Example look at you navigation software when U stopped your car. U will see – haha U also have speed, U are driving:) 3-5 sec. And after this speed now is zero.

    • Beeker

      On my C2 GPS works excellent in the car and outside and I use Sygic.

  • atfos

    It is a bit in a different direction, but I own Jiayu G3N and GPS is just fine for some things (Sports Tracker) and useless for others (Car Navigation), however, I found a good solution – bouhgt one of those bluetooth gps receivers – now everything is perfect. This is a good cheap solution, I found it on Ebay for 7 pounds. It is very good on phone battery because it uses its own. Highly recommended.

    • Toprak

      Hello Atfos,

      did you have a link/name /info about the bluetooth gps reciver?

  • BrianJackson

    Thanks for that tip I might buy one as ive just about given up on the GPS in the car on my G4 as it keeps dropping signal and is not very accurate..Drove to Alicante airport yeaterday and turned it off in disgust..Lucky I knew the way anyhow!

  • Márcio H.

    Goodnight everyone,

    Could let me know how it works in UMI X2?

    How can I improve my GPS signal?

    Thanks everybody

  • john

    I had problems with G3S phone too, took ages to lock and in the car it lost contact and took another 5 minutes to lock

  • sam

    Do all mediatek Phone have GPS Problems….
    Please Reply Soon…….
    Thank You

  • Márcio H.

    Guys someone is having problems with the GPS? Because my take long for and finds the satellite is falling.

    I do not know if it is a problem in the handset. I live in Brazil.

    I do not know what to do I tried to repair with Faster GPS and the tutorial Gizchina (How to fix poor GPS on Mediatek phones).

    I am very disappointed just like GPS, because I can not use Waze and Foursquare.

    If you can help me thank you!

    • nidget

      I had GPS issue with my Jiayu G4: it was catching the position fast, but reporting wrong positions frequently when it was in my car. So it was usable only In pedestrian mode. I bought an inexpensive bluetooth GPS receiver (qstarz bt818xt) and the difference is just amazing. It works now In the car even berger than the two handheld GPS devices from Garmin and Tomtom that I also own. Note: this comment is based on real experience, not a commercial: I can explain the configuration and the software I use with this GPS device (btw it even works inside m’y house, ans not so close to a window)

      • BrianJackson

        me too

  • Ash

    Hey Eduardo do you know of a solution to mediatek phones zooming in and picture becoming dark as soon as we start recording video? Many of us would appreciate it 🙂

  • vicsen

    muchissisisisimas gracias

  • Paul K

    I just bought an Acer Liquid E2 Duo and noticed that GPS was slow in picking up and under certain circumstances inside, but near window, there was no response at all.
    I downloaded above app and followed the instructions, am glad to see that GPS works very fast and also inside near window, thanks for letting us know.

  • Nice tutorial, i will tried on my friend phones with mtk.. thanks for your help 🙂

  • DJ

    its working very prescisely on my LAVA 504Q,thanks a ton

    • Goldy

      Dear I have also tried but no benefit. Can you help me, what did u do?

  • Goldy

    Dear Sir,
    I am using Micromax Canvas HD A116 having MT6589 chipset. I have GPS issue that it is not giving correct location with 2G or 3G but only with wifi it tell the correct position.

    I have tried all your steps one by one as stated above.but no benefit. please help me.

  • Pankaj

    wow. Works great on my MTK6577 (Phone picked up from a China factory a year back: No brand).
    It locked GPS in straight 60 seconds. Also not it is able to get GPS signals inside my house (Not much view for open sky)..
    Hats off to your solution..Eduardo..

  • Ankit

    Worked on celkon a118
    Only thing is that you also have to make sure that agps on/off is also checked.

    Lock time reduced and endomodo locks within 20 sec. 🙂 Thank you.

  • Doesn’t work for umi x2

  • I just tried it on my Jiayu G3 and an initial test was positive. 😉

  • Stephen

    Ty man!! This worked well on my Thl w8!

  • squiddy

    It doesn’t worked for my Jiayu G4 advanced 🙁 GPS test – gps status led is always yellow and in view: 13, in use: 0 and there is no any snr “chart”. Any idea?

  • Squiddy

    It has cured! The gps.conf file had -rw—— access and after that I set to -rw-r–r– gps tool has fixed 🙂

  • Len

    I tried this software but it wont start on my NEO N003. Till now no GPS satalite is seen at all!
    More people with this problem?

    • Omer

      Just tried it on my Neo n003 Advanced and it worked perfectly.
      are you rooted?

      Thanks A LOT dude!

    • Peter_Celica

      Hi, it worked well on my Neo-N003 Youth aswell, problem fixed 🙂 Great

  • Tom

    It works on my Cubot GT99.

    • Martin

      how? I am trying to repeat those steps on my Cubot GT99 but I am not even able to download the EPO. 🙁

  • rana

    thanks, good work in mi lava iris 455

  • nick vr

    thanks m8, very good and well-exlained

  • raag

    Tried the above mentioned solution on Gionee G-Pad 2 , but sadly it is not working. 🙁
    The GPS icon in notification area keeps blinking but does not lock.

    • Have you tried Fast GPS?

  • David

    Absolutely works on my Zopo C2 and ZP990. Not lightning fast…Now works at an acceptable level making both phones a steal!
    Thank You!

  • Marino

    Hi Eduardo,
    when I am in YGPS and am checking hot, full and AGPS restart nothing is happening. I am just getting a short blue colour on hot, full and AGPS restart but not green like it is on your photo. Is that correct? How do I test my gps?

  • Vishwanath

    This doesn’t work on the Bluebo/Star B6000.

    Thanks though.

  • This solution only gives a fix if your’re not moving. If you are driving in a car, you loose the connection….

  • Bhavit

    Thanks a lott bro .. You saved me . Worked perfectly on my haipai N7102 MTK6577

  • Martin

    MTK never !!!! GPS isnt working. Or too bad. This phone has price 0 dollars.

  • Miguel

    Works perfectly for my Neo N003.
    Thank you very much indded!

  • Vincent

    Works Perfectly for my Zopo 950+
    Thnx, Now the Phone works well with Sygic.

  • Joe

    No help. EPO download somehow completed successfully. But ygps, shows ‘unavailable’ and Gps not at all fixing. Navigation app shows current location, which is not precise. I’m using MMX Canvas HD a116. Please help. Even tried deleting. dat file from misc folder.

    • why does not work?

      same problem with me

  • StanB

    Good ! Works on GT-H9500 (S4 clone) with Mediatek 6589 and Android 4.2.1. GPS is OK now, fix in less than half a minute. Thank You.

  • A3B

    Thanx, Tut works perfectly one my HTC One M7 MT6589. Respect !!

  • Vuk Popovic

    Thank you very much! That is very useful information! It was wrong for about 150m, now it is dead-on. I have Doogee Collo DG100 model, with MTK6572 and it worked wonders for me.

  • bhavin2in52

    Hi there. I am using Micromax A77 canvas Juice phablet. Phone features are great within the price range but I often face a disturbing problem, the network signal reception is very poor comparing to other devices. Before this handset I used MMX A52 which was better in terms of network signal. A77 never shows consistent n/w signal even in town/city area where n/w strength is good. Many times signal dropped to zero. I often get missed call alerts and many times I have to redial calls for successful call. Is it a device specific problem ? Please help me with the issue as I tried with various options including purchasing new SIMs of different n/w operators. Is there any h/w or system level solution to improve the n/w signal reception?

  • Fergie

    Thank you very much indeed! Worked for ZOPO C2 Platinum.

  • joe


    I’m considering getting a cheap Chinese phone but the GPS problem keeps me from buying it.

    What cheap brand doesn’t suffer the problem (Meizu, Jiayu, THL, UMI, Zopo, Inew, Huawei…)

    • Brian Jackson

      Suspect that the ‘cheaper’ phones don’t have good GPS …but you can get Bluetooth GPS receiver for 10 – 20$ and this solves the problem. Its not about how quick it is to get the first fix its about how accurate it is when you are using it..I was driving across Spain in December and my phone dropped the GPS signal at the critical moment and I missed the key motorway junction at Pamplona and had to drive about 1 hour detour..probably cost about 40$ don’t worry. about which cheap phone has the best GPS..just buy the best phone you can afford and get a Bluetooth GPS receiver to supplement it in the car
      It has to be paired with your phone and your phone set to get its GPS data from it but mine has an App that makes this straightforward.

      • Josef

        Hi Brian,
        which app are your using to navigate wth a BT GPS receiver? Thanks.

      • KU DE TA

        Yes, same here: which app are your using to navigate wth a Bluetooth GPS receiver? Thanks

    • zaher

      i have inew v3 its the same problem the gps dosent work at all even with this fix we are talking about cheap phones

    • amran pekida

      dont buy chinese phone or you will be fucked by their tiny penis

  • rhesa raptor

    man, u are really genius
    thank a lot

  • Marcel Krättli

    Absolutely Brilliant!! With such great tips you can solve everything. My GPS at THL W9 Beyond needs now more than 18s and 12s normal. Thank you really very great help.

    Absolut Genial!!!! Mit solchen tollen Tips kann man alles lösen. Mein GPS beim THL W9 Beyond braucht nun maximal 18s und 12s normal. Besten Dank wirklich sehr tolle hilfe.

  • FrankV

    I have a THL W8 Beyond and tried this patch, but it doesn’t work. After 15 minutes in GPS FIX, it still can’t find the satellites for pinpointing my location.

  • john

    Thank you! It works on my caesar a9800 mtk6589

  • Tejasva Singh

    My zopo zp 800H/810 hd has a strange problem. gps does not fix at all. after doing all the above steps i get SI_REQ is rejected due to no network connection when my device is not connected to internet and get 0 satellites in view and 0 in use in gps test application and when i connect my phone to internet i instantly get 12 satellites in view but zero in use. what could be the problem. please help…

    • Lol161

      Do you already have a solution? I have exact the same problem.

    • frp

      I have same problem. Do you already have a solution? Please help me.thx

  • Alexey Volkov

    Helped to fix the issue on my Cubot GT99 (MTK 6589). Thanks a lot!

  • Chris Cronice

    Still no GPS on DG 500 after completing the fix.

  • Guy

    I can not download EPO? Can you help me?

  • mistermotero

    I have a no.1 phone and the GPS is utterly useless. A TOTAL POS !! If you need GPS, then forget it. Dont buy this crap.

  • abbas

    how can i repair my jaike p6 to use the GPS correctly while playing ingress

  • george Mathew

    Hello,my question is off topic but have you faced issues with bluetooth connectivity on MTK phones.I often get exceptions stating – Service discovery failed,resource busy,connection is not created(failed or aborted).Does anyone know how to resolve that?

  • RohamBilly

    it doesnt work for me on a jiayu g4t

    epo download goes to failure 🙁

    any tips what’s the problem? i took the step 1 after another

  • Sebysquall
  • petr

    ahoj,zkoušel jsem opravit gps podle tohoto návodu protože mi nefunguje…postupoval jsem přesně až k ,,location based services” ta nejde otevřít…kde je problem ? děkuji za odpověd

  • john spencer Alquiroz

    i followed steps but when i was on “location” it says JE,can not find some packages.please report to RD…what does it mean?

  • mikeberlin

    worked on i9500 s4 clone 2gb fhd, before no solution worked thanks

  • Bibi Fan

    My phone is a Nibiru H1. I used MobileUncle but when I get to the EPO screen, I only see a EPO (download) button, but do not have the “Enable EPO” nor “Autodownload” buttons. I pressed the Download button anyway, but nothing seems to have changed. Please advise if there is anything wrong with my device. Thank you.

    • Rashidi Bin Rahim

      Me to

  • Bibi Fan

    I am using a Nibiru H1 and I don’t have the auto download EPS options in the MobileUncle apps. Can someone help me

    I have the problem with doogee dg300 and now work very fine !!!! tx tx tx

  • OttoZ

    absolute great this instructions, it repared my UMI S1 after 1/2 year of using, many, many thanks

  • Nikdeca

    once i go to ygps i cant find the “hot” “full” a-gps” menu but it appears only a target

  • Alessandro Nardi

    I hope i’ll get an answer…. this is what I see under Location Service… as you can see. I cannot enable EPO… how can I fix that? i’m using MPAI 809T mt6589 stock rom 4.4.2

  • hutyutyutyu

    don’t even try this, it’s just a placebo “fix”

  • Tal Musari

    A greate fix for mtk Quad my phone is jiayu g3t

  • Paulo

    I need help. I have a jiayu g4s and have no sign of gps. It can tell where I am, but when I start moving it just doesnt follow. I tried all of the fixes out there and it seems that something is missing here. When I open mobile uncle – location – EPO (download) and here is my problem, there is no button to turn on or off the EPO. HELP

  • Atay Zerner

    Wow thank you so much! It fixed the gps problem in my Neo n003 premium.

  • John


    I have a Huawei 3C Lite which can’t detect the gps when I use Waze. I went to Google Playstore to look for the Mobileuncle MTK Tools but it lists down a bunch of apps, which app should I select?

  • Marinos Panagi

    Hello guys I just bought my ulefone power 5.1 mtk 6753, downloadedMobileuncle MTK Tools but there is no EPO choice 🙁 could u help me pls as I am using my GPS every day at work. Thank u 🙂


      Have you found any solution to this, problem of missing EPO option? i have same problem 🙁