Hisense launches it’s best looking phone ever, the Hisense U939 at $130

Hisense launches it’s best looking phone ever, the Hisense U939 at $130


Hisenese are slowly building up a range of half decent Android phones for the local Chinese market and the Hisense U939 is easily the best looking of the bunch!

Hisense phones have improved a great deal this year with great looking designs and better hardware than previous offerings. The new U939 continues this new Hisense phone revival by sporting one of the best looking bodies we have seen of any Chinese phone for some time!

The 4.5-inch phone comes in black, blue, yellow, pink and white rear panel matched to a minimalistic all black front measuring in at 132 x 67.6 x 10.5mm.

Under the fantastic looking body beats the heart of a low-cost smartphone. The processor is a modern 1.3Ghz dual-core MT6572 chipset, there is just 512mB RAM, 4GB storage and the display has a resolution of 854 x 480. For those of you who don’t know, the MT6572 is built around a low energy 28nm A7 architecture, which is just as well due to the small 1630mAh battery.

The Hisense U939 proves that the Qingdao based phone maker is capable of making some really stunning looking phones, we just hope these beautiful designs will be backed up by some killer hardware in future releases.

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  • anony

    I guess it’s been awhile since Huawei Ascend P2 huh?

    Hint: they share the exact same design

  • Marius

    Nice phone but for these specs it’s about twice as expensive as it should be. It’s not just expensive, it’s not priced correctly at all.

  • liljohn

    gut looking alright! but not “tasty”…

  • IcyBuffalo

    Looks a bit like the Huawei P2

  • Fan

    If I ‘m going to buy a Chinese phone, it better not have it’s name written boldly on top. The back logos can be managed with covers, but not the front.

  • omar

    i wonder why most people hate chinese phones i have bought this chinese and i have been using it for months and it is still good .i mean it is not different from samsung or moto or sony android phones it is actually avery good phone

  • ro

    does it support instagram?