Rockchips planing to rock Mediatek with new processors

Chinese smartphones are as powerful well spec’d and affordable thanks to Taiwanese chip maker Mediatek’s excellent processors, Rockchips is now stepping up its game to take on the current leader.

Taiwanese chip maker Mediatek currently hold quite a monopoly in the Chinese smartphone market. Almost every Android phone launched in China (with very few exceptions) run a Mediatek chip of some sort. With foreign phone makers such as Sony also using MTK processor and the success of the new Mediatek tablet SoC’s the Taiwan based tech giant look to have everything sewn up!

Perhaps for not much longer though as Chinese chip maker Rockchips are preparing to release new processor models which will support new and innovative features, possibly meaning Rockchip powered phones aren’t to far away.

The specifics aren’t quite clear, but Rockchips have announced that they will be supplying Lenovo, HP and Toshiba with processor and will likely be hoping to add more customers to their portfolio.

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