Video: Qualcomm point fun at MediaTek’s 8-core processors

Video: Qualcomm point fun at MediaTek’s 8-core processors


Imagine you were the maker of phone processor, you were top dog until a little upstart took over one of the world’s fastest growing market! What would you do? Well if you’re anything like Qualcomm you would make a tacky video poking fun.

Earlier this year, Taiwan chip maker Meidatek announced their 8-core SoC’s. The new chips will be the first ever true Octa-core processors and they will most likely be found in all the top Chinese phones launched from the end of this year.

Qualcomm aren’t to happy about this so have put together the following video showing how their quad-core Snapdragon units are far better than their ‘rivals’ 8-core options.

Qualcomm Vs Mediatek video

It does seem a little petty of Qualcomm to stoop so low and bash MediaTek, but we can sought of see what they are saying. Most application just use half the processing power of existing quad-core chips, so having an 8-core unit does seem a little overkill. Also the fact that Meidatek are using 8 older cores in tandem rater than developing a more refined quad-core technology is valid too.

However even with these points and the cheesy video, we don’t expect many Chinese phone makers to move away from powerful, low-cost SoC’s from MTK to Qualcomm alternatives anytime soon.

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  • J

    MediaTek disappointed me with only ARM A7 core for mobiles.

    I want also ARM A15 core for mobiles, like MediaTek 8135 (2x A15, 2xA7)

  • Going by Qualcomm’s philosophy, we should have one single core running at 1 Thz or more to get more speed and single in line processing. 8 x ARM A7’s is not too bad and can be quite beneficial if the code was compiled for more multiprocessing.

    • J

      Qualcomm has now 4 cores. And the 4th core stays idle in the video. So also Qualcomm would like multiprocessing.

    • anony

      “if the code was compiled for more multiprocessing”

      easier said than done, and mobile apps are rarely in a situation where you need that many threads running concurrently anyway.

      • Benny

        I remember the debacle when the PS3 “Cell” processor came out with similar “9 core” thing and everyone made a fuss about how hard it was to write for it and multiprocessing sucks etc. But at the end of the day, this system was that advanced that it sold the PS3 for SEVEN years (eternity in this industry). Maybe we should apply similar principles for Phone processing as well as other bits of modern computing.

        • anony

          And every multiplat games play better on X360 and its “wimpy” 3 cores.

          And did you just compare console game development to smartphone apps?

          • Ben Liu (@bchliu)

            Because Cell Phone developments these days ARE as sophisticated and complex as ANY modern console. Take a look at the latest Android / iOS Games that uses the Unreal 3 Engine or equivalent and you’ll find that this is THE biggest area of growth.

            • anony

              You’re bullshitting yourself here.

              Have you ever played any GOOD console game? like The Last of Us?

  • Qualcomm doesnt want their processors to be undercut by a much cheaper chip – almost 30% of the chip costs. If you were to compare, then compare the Snapdragon 200 running 4 x A7’s to the MTK6589 – (like the FAEA F1 vs F2). The MTK flags the Snapdragon clock for clock (Antutu 10000 vs 14000).

    • J

      Yes, but MTK would do better, to make 2xA15, 2xA7 for mobiles ( like 8135 for tablets) instead of 8xA7.

      • Robin Hood

        They will have a chipset like that next year. The 8 core still is complete bullshit. And a lot of people will buy into that shit haha. Suckers lol.

        • Ben Liu (@bchliu)

          pfft.. Microsoft also blasted Multicore mobile SoC’s when they released Windows Phone 7 because – their software did not support it. They also blasted 4 cores as well along with Nokia to say how inefficient it is – because they werent up to date nor supporting these technologies. This is exactly the same thing in this scenario – because Qualcomm does NOT have an 8 core compared to Samsung Exynos and Mediatek.
          When Qualcomm releases an 8 core next year, they will market it as shit smelling like roses.

  • RavenEffect

    Both are/going to be, incredible expensive comparing to other more affordable Quad MTKt cores.

    Still, they have a point, Qualcomm Snappie is a symbol of excelence…if your wallet can afford it.

  • Airyl

    Really Qualcomm? That’s kind of mean, especially considering MTK’s cores are targeted at the cheaper end of the market and cost a crap ton less than your offerings.

  • galihpermadi

    this move, no matter how well-executed, will only make mediatek more popular..

  • Loukas

    Mediatek should fix their GPS cause 8core will be useless to most of us especially on a mobile phone . (in tablets MAY be handy for massive multitasking)

    And is a shame of MTK devices reviews at Gizchina and other similar websites not pointing out on each single review with BIG BOLD WRITING that GPS is CRAP on MTK.
    MTK fooling people worldwide with features that only works on paper when in real life once you get on your hands your MTK device is too late cause shipping it back for refund will cost you + restocking fee that those thieves asking after you return a non functional device !

    • Have you even tried the AGPS / EPO settings of the Mediatek? Once enabled, it works way better than equivalent phones.

      • Loukas

        Yes i know it locks in 10 seconds but try giving it a test driving your car and then come back with your changed opinion.

        Only MTK phones that work good are those brands that add an extra non mtk gps chip to work with mtk like lenovo does .

        • RavenEffect

          I have a w100, my GPS works fine.

    • hamsteyr

      GPS works fine on my device, so I can’t really see what you’re on about. I did apply the tweaking that was featured here in GizChina though.

      • Loukas

        Yes but if you drive with a decent speed (30-40 km/h) you’ll see that accuracy goes up to <50m so is useless … (City drive with building e.t.c. )
        Signal is never stable while moving !

        • hamsteyr

          I’ll definitely have to try this out with Sygic, though I do have problems with navigating even using my Note 2, especially in the city where everyone is fighting for a GPS lock (Kuala Lumpur). Accuracy is pretty darn poop too.

          I don’t know, to me, I find it semi acceptable, because maybe it’s just me, but it’ll never really be as good as a professional GPS device. 🙁

        • Airyl

          Tried it after tweaking my W11 following Gizchina advice. No problems, even while driving.

    • PandaTel

      I have tested lot of MTK phones: THL, ZOPPO, IOCEAN and I must say that GPS is NOT GOOD
      Thats a fact and i dont undersand why you dont accept that (a-GPS and EPO is useless it fix faster but not good for navigation)

  • devast

    That’s mean coming from qualcomm. But the sad truth is, that they’re right. MT6592 will be a bad chip from mtk. Their tablet soc will be good, tho. I wouldn’t be surprised to see mt8135 in mobile phones. It can be done, just requires more resources.

    • j

      The apps use max 4 cores, usually less.

      4x core A7 antutu 15000
      2x core A15 antutu 24000 (see MTK 8135)

      • nobitakun

        2x A15 24000 mark? Those A15 are running at 2,5ghz by any chance? Otherwise you’re totally wrong. Snapdragon 600 has a little more than 24000, and it’s quad core a15…

      • Tsanten

        MTK 8135 =2xa15+2xa7=24000 when all 4 work together (yes can work like a quad)

    • hamsteyr

      I’d save all my reservations till it’s actually out and running. At the moment, it’s just banter between one company and another to steal each other’s light.

      Besides, if it was doomed to be a failure, Qualcomm would not have needed to make this kind of video, to steal some of MediaTek’s thunder, when they’re so much smaller compared to Qualcomm.

      It’s like the rich kid picking on the commoner while constantly saying how awesome he is 😐

  • Rude

    Seriously mediatek has done well, has cut into the sales of snapdragon and there is no need for this unless they do 8x A15…. but still want to see performance of these babies……. Using 2 different architecture doesn’t work I have compared the Galaxy S4 octa core to my Fujitsu arrows NX F-06E…. I really don’t see the difference….

  • Rude

    I think the real threat (if MORE developers start to make more apps compatible for it) is the Intel chips……..

    • Marius

      I feel the same way but what can you say bad about Intel chips ? They have the number of cores, they have the performance ….
      Software will be a bit of a problem but only at the beginning when native stuff will be ARM only.

  • RobertNL

    Its a fact that Qualcomm does not like MediaTek as they beat them every time (till now) when it comes to price/performance on the low end segment.

    These video probably shows of the ”new” krait cores ($300+ segment) where the MTK6592 will probably be around the the $150 price mark with there cheaper phones

    If i am correct last year at there annual report Qualcomm did point out that they are willing to take the domestic market like MediaTek did before them. Till now on they use the same tech as MTK for a somewhat higher price (A5 and A7 cores in the Snapdragon budget processors). This gives them no advantage above MTK (besides better GPS).

    As MTK has Pin-to-pin compatibility with there older chipsets most of the time its quite cheap for a manufacturer to upgrade there phone to a newer version without change of the PCB. This redesign does give MTK another advantage above the Qualcomm chipsets.

    The thing i hope that Qualcomm will do next season is get Krait cores ready to ship to the lower end phones. If they do this then they can actually make a blow to MTK as there chipset is still build on A7 and the Krait cores will make juce of the MTK chipset. If they do not make this change then MTK will win this ”battle” again.

    At the end this competition is only good for us, more innovation, better specs for a better price. I don’t care what brand is powering my device, if the price performance is right then you will not hear me complain 😀

    • hamsteyr

      ^ This. +1 for what I was trying to point out.

  • Marius

    Nice try Qualcomm but get your act together and make good budget CPUs rather than video. The current dual quad core SOCs from Qualcomm are still built in 45nm, have limited resolution support, a poor GPU and limted RAM bandwidth. Also some if not all have A5 or A7 cores at most. That’s whay your “competitor” competes with and beats the hell out of it not the Snapdragons which are priced too high.
    I’m not a big fan of more cores right now either but once more are available apps will start using them and there’s always many processes running on a phone , not just 1 , those background processes can use their own core, might even be more power efficient.
    One more thing Qualcomm, Intel is coming with some Atoms that have cores way more powerful than any Snapdragon so I’d be more worried about that on the high end.

  • John P

    The truth about qualcomm is that they have good connectivity (4G is on the road path for MTK but Qualcomm already has it).

    I have a Huawei G600 with qualcomm and a Newman N1 with MTK with dual core cpu. All are the same when running games Qualcomm and MTK got very hot and reboot the phone … same problem for bought. In everyday use there is no difference.

    I don’t use GPS inside city … only cell based location and I’m ok with that (30m error). GPS is consuming a lot of power and I’m not happy with that.

    The future is multi core. But in the same time we need the producer to release the drivers for their SOCs to upgrade the software. I have a tv box quadcore Rockchip but is a mess to install ubuntu on it (heavy power that can not be used … is frustrating).

    MTK and other chinesse SOC producers are cost effective and can make a good play … but need to work better on connectivity (4g is a start)

    • Marius

      They also need to work on their community relationship and open source. The way Chinese companies understand open source :
      We take the SW, we make modifications so it’s good for us, we use it in our products and keep it safely locked away.
      No contributing back, no working with the community, they’re not doing themselves a favor with this attitude either.

  • chris

    this video is not true it is cause qualcom afraid to lost in market

  • Harald

    Qualcomm are right, MediaTek sucks

    • Victor

      Can u be more specific , not just a non rational statement ? you are facing tons of MTK Fans here like me , ok ..

      • noxxi

        its a year later, are you still a huge MTK fan?

        Because after struggling for 2 days trying to fix IMEI on a custom rom, i can tell you this, Mediatek fucking suck, they deliberately crippled the imei in custom roms and kept their kernel sources closed.

        Why? to make damn sure that nobody can upgrade their phones OS, and if they do, then they damn well aint getting to actually use their phones on the network.

        Its a money grab, its stupid design, it fucking sucks, by every definition of the word.

        Also, i have the mt6592 octa core, and its not that good, my xperia z (snapdragon 800) blew it away.

    • Yeti hand

      where are you now?

  • Allanitomwesh

    Qualcomm are sweating because they are losing low end market share. Notice how they conveniently don’t use the Snapdragon 200 and compare apples to apples.

  • Aeonia

    it was only a matter of time before someone said this…I think we are all forgetting that 8 CORES clocked at 2.0 GHZ each is really something( regardless of A7 or A9,A15) not forgetting the power vr rogue 6 series GPU that should compete on even terms with tegra 4 and adreno 330 and at that MediaTek’s price…i”ll take it!!

    • devast

      From a technological standpoint? Might be. But in real life applications at this time, anything more then 4 cores is just stupid, and a waste. Also please note, that the tablet soc (mt8135) will be great, but the smartphone soc (mt6588/mt6592) can be quite a miss. 8 cores at this point of time is just a marketing gimmick. The gpu reportedly will be arm mali. I really hope, it will be at least a t604. Also, i think the 4core version currently codenamed mt6588 could be quite nice. But still, they’re not really getting closer to the snapdragon 400 performance level with this iteration, they can’t step up from the low-end. What also worries me is seeing chinese phones for $300 with mt6589. It’s like an audi a6 with 1.2L 4 cylinder engine…

    • anony

      Enjoy your 3 hours/charge amazing 8 cores mobile device.

      • Marius

        Actually you’ve wrong, the unused cores can just be shut down and won’t consume any power. Having that many however means that you can give a little work to each one and reduce the high core load which uses a lot of power.

        • anony

          In a perfect world it is.

      • Benny

        It is known that Samsung’s Octo big.LITTLE implementation is more power effective than the Snapdragon 600. Unused cores are shut down and used when needed. Snapdragons are massively overhyped for what they are.

        • anony

          Nope, it still only last on the average of a whole day (actually slightly more than half a day) of medium use.

          Actual experience.

  • That is a little harsh from Qualcomm. But people need to understand that Mediatek have brought about a revolution in their own way, making (decently) powerful Android smartphones available to one and all. With this video, Qualcomm might also have to face side effects from companies like Sony that use both, Qualcomm and MTK chipsets (Xperia C uses MT6589).

  • Konged

    It’s like BMW saying how much better their m3 is compared to a ford focus sti. Rather hollow marketing but works.

    • Allanitomwesh

      Actually more like Ferrari comparing to a Corolla. Different uses completely.

  • yogi

    Its because octa core apps are yet to be written u idiots.these qualcomm guys are arrogant n think their tech is holy grail for soc.
    Well good morning to them we live in world that evolves
    And innovates.just imagine if intel and amd did the same.
    Qcomm just celebrated their stupidity infront of d world with ad.

    • anony

      ya it s tre yar d geniys

      • DINO

        i just imagined ye in yer Skirt typ
        cross dressin

  • yogi

    By. D way
    8 lawnmover engines are anytime better then 4
    Whatever snapdragon has will come to mediatek socs soon
    Don’t forget samsung was as arrogant with exynos
    Look how hard mediatek kicked them in the pants.

  • anony

    With so many idiots defending the 8 cores lunacy, I say just let them enjoy their vanity devices and the ever decreasing battery life. Just dessert.

    After all MOAR is better right? who cares about deficiency on battery development or other area in need of R&D, you have fckn 8 cores smartphone.

    • Ace

      The processor guys cant into batteries, they can just into better processors.

      • Airyl

        So, how many cores does your smartphone have, Mr. Anony? I believe mine has 4.

    • DINO

      thats y yer comment is puttin yer foot in yer mouth retard
      the only thing that drains ur battery is the screen and apps
      which are processor hungry.
      Look at google glasses it uses a dual core soc but battery is miniaturised dure to absense of big display and cpu hungry games or apps.

      • anony

        I can’t believe how many stupid this comment contain.

        You win the internet.

        • DINO

          Techstuff and Computation always puzzles primitive mind such as urs.
          ye need some tonic for yer brain lad

  • Ace

    Let’s be honest here – mediatek is popular for one reason, and one reason only – Cheap-ass dual-sim phones that dont fall apart. Their processors have been stuck in 2009 and they’ve just been adding more cores to compensate for that.

    Mediatek seriously needs to consider using dual A15/A7 in Phones in big.LITTLE configuration, and increase clock speed at the same time. What they need to also work on is adding LTE to their already decent connectivity suite, aswell as fixing up their GPS antena and adding extra connectivity ( such as NFC or another sim slot )

    They might get overtaken by rockchip’s 32xx if they dont act fast.

    The only thing that’s missing right now is the source code. Mediatek’s sources are currently really bad, if they improved them they’d be outselling qualcomm in a few years.

    • Airyl

      Cortex A7 is in no way “2009”, and it’s not like they still use PowerVR SGX531, do they? TBH, I don’t see much difference between the Cortex A7 MTK6589 and Cortex A9 Exynos 4412. The MTK chip also seems to be more battery efficient and not as hot while gaming.

  • johndoe

    they have a good point though, most apps and games don’t take advantage of all these extra cores and fewer cores = less power consumption.

  • Ubelai

    This is what kind of makes a drawback with Android, that being the diversity of different SoC’s which all require different resource, and devs making a whole array of different applications which have different methods of Core utilization.

    This is where Apples marketing within itself works perfectly, as everything on their App Store is utilized to run on their devices equivalently.
    Before you all begin to flame me about being an Apple fanboy and all that shit etc, I’M NOT. I’m 100% genuine towards Android, and I definitely see the throne welded to the ass of Android in the future without a doubt.