Video: Qualcomm point fun at MediaTek’s 8-core processors

Imagine you were the maker of phone processor, you were top dog until a little upstart took over one of the world’s fastest growing market! What would you do? Well if you’re anything like Qualcomm you would make a tacky video poking fun.

Earlier this year, Taiwan chip maker Meidatek announced their 8-core SoC’s. The new chips will be the first ever true Octa-core processors and they will most likely be found in all the top Chinese phones launched from the end of this year.

Qualcomm aren’t to happy about this so have put together the following video showing how their quad-core Snapdragon units are far better than their ‘rivals’ 8-core options.

Qualcomm Vs Mediatek video

It does seem a little petty of Qualcomm to stoop so low and bash MediaTek, but we can sought of see what they are saying. Most application just use half the processing power of existing quad-core chips, so having an 8-core unit does seem a little overkill. Also the fact that Meidatek are using 8 older cores in tandem rater than developing a more refined quad-core technology is valid too.

However even with these points and the cheesy video, we don’t expect many Chinese phone makers to move away from powerful, low-cost SoC’s from MTK to Qualcomm alternatives anytime soon.

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