FAEA F2: Review of a FullHD and NFC phone

FAEA F2: Review of a FullHD and NFC phone


Everytime I have the opportunity to review a phone, I discover that the Chinese brands are very close to the most famous brands and every phone is different and has something special compared with other phones.

This time I had the opportunity to review the FAEA F2 thanks to powerplanetonline to send us the sample to review. Even with a Mediatek processor MT6589 at 1.2 Ghz the final result have been better than expected, also as this phone is FullHD the graphic tests, usually are lower than a phone with a lower resolution.

First of all, lets see the specifications:

[komper pid=110 compareform=no]

One of the highlight features of this phone (and in all the FAEA) is the NFC support and also the FullHD screen. Lets see the unboxing:


With the 5 inches IPS screen and the FullHD resolution ( 1920 x 1080 ) and a density of 441, we are talking about a good definition screen. The screen makes this phone a good opportunity to buy if you are thinking to see multimedia content, internet browsing, etc.


Almost all Android device of this range mount a 13 mega-pixel camera, but this device has a camera with an aperture F2.2. Also can record video 1080 @ 30 FPS. Find bellow the tests at 1080p and 720p:




As I mentioned, the FAEA F2 has the Mediatek MT6589 processor at 1.2 Ghz clock. Most of people can think that this is not enough for a mobile nowadays, but this is not truth. The phone moves very smooth the system and even games. Of course, you will not play to the latest games, but, for these games you will need the latest mobiles. To show how it works, I recorded some videos to show running different tests and also playing to Temple Run (as you will see, I’m “pro” in this game). The benchmarks have been tested against the THL W11, so keep in mind that this phone has a “Turbo” SoC.

Antutu Benchmark

Quadrant Test

Game Test


Regarding to the software, I’m very happy because it has a ROM very close to the Android 4.2 pure. There are few changes, and this is something that I like, because in this way is in our hand to customize or not without problems.


Until now, the FAEA F2 have been the phone that I like most, the design and colour is very good and also the feeling when you use it. The red lines around the camera also makes a modern design. Is not so heavy and no so thick so can be carried in the pocket without problems. Like the JiaYu G4, the main buttons are not illuminated with is a small con. Now, look a small collection of photos.








I recommend the phone to everyone that uses the phone in a normal way, to see movies and internet browsing is a very good phone as the screen is big and has a good resolution. Good also that the system is very up-to-date with Android 4.2.

If you need more information you can ask in the comments and if you are interested, you can check the product page in Powerplanetonline (Thanks!)

[ Source via Gizchina.es ]

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  • beginner007

    Thank you for the review, but not impressed with the phone 🙁 Also the review did not talk much about the battery, camera quality with samples, n/w reception quality, audio quality, etc ….. Not a detailed review … Home Neo n003 will be much better than this.

    • gnipz

      I agree,the reviews on here used to be really detailed but lately they have been pretty basic.I feel I learned nothing about this phone

      • This is the GizChina.es review I also have this phone for review too. In depth review will be completed

        • hyle

          Hey, when will the review be finished, I’m really considering to buy this phone. A full review would be great!

    • Sagia

      Agree with beginner007, should list all the feature like gps, bluetooth, 3g, nfc and test them either they working properly or not… GPS usually doesn’t work in MTK processor

    • Markoff

      agree, very poor review, seem Andi decided to go with quantity over quality, reviews written by him used to be better than these other guys (although some of them are OK, but especially the spanish Gizchina is producing quite bad reviews), I dunno if it’s lack of experience or they are struggling with English

  • Ticoo

    Buy it from faea mobile official store, may get some free gifts. From the forum, the cm10.1 rom for f2s phone will come soon.

  • Can someone test accsessibility features on this phone please?

  • bert

    On the FAEA website it says this phone supports 900 WCDMA not 850 as reported above.
    Also Eduardo, did you try using the GPS by going for a drive in the car?

  • Karol

    Could you please grab as many current chinese phones and compare their screens in direct sun? Put their brightness at 100% and make a video comparing them outside (place them on a table or something).

    From the videos the W11 seems to have brighter screen but I suspect they might have had different brightness settings.

  • Bartman

    It has been stated so many times, that this phone does not have a F2.2 camera, the camera is F2.8. I have received a mail from Faea and they have confirmed me that these phones do not have F2.2 cameras. The F2.8 camera is of course a very good one, the only issue you will notice that it would take grainy pictures with low light conditions.

    To check that I am right, please take a pictures with the camera, then open it in the Gallery and check the Details, scroll down and you will notice, oh, that picture has been taken with F2.8 not F2.2 aperture. 🙂 :).

    Nevertheless, this Faea F2 phone is a very excellent phone, one of the best Chinese phones you can buy today and have fun with.

  • So7t

    Hi there to all.
    How about the screen?? Does anybody know if this phone have Gorilla Glass or similar ??
    Thanks, So7t

  • Marc

    FAEA = No international support. Bad roms (chinese software, google play don’t work out of the box, …) and the most important: NO after sale support or warranty if any problems. Sad owner of FAEA F1, never more.

  • helm10101

    I really don’t care about all these chinese phones unless they invest some on the glass because one small drop and the phone is dead with all these chinese phones. I’m sure making a tougher glass won’t make it much more expensive and then maybe I will think of buying them..
    seriously these phones are too fragile

  • The device doesn’t look good to me. Looks like something between a uber-low cost Mediatek device and a slightly pricier clone.

  • common he is learning, but I agree they should not be releasing these reviews and someone should proofread them first

    I liked the thorough conclusion:
    “I recommend the phone to everyone that uses the phone in a normal way, to see movies and internet browsing is a very good phone as the screen is big and has a good resolution. Good also that the system is very up-to-date with Android 4.2.”

    …which is not fitting any other Android phone or even any Nokia S40 phone with bigger display basically

  • Rob

    At the price you won;t get a S4 killer, but it won’t ne a bad phone, the F2S now has a Mediatek 1.5 Ghz CPU, 1 Gb RAM and 16 Gb storage and a version with 2Gb RAM and 32 Gb storage is ion the way. Only concerns I would have would be that it needs a bigger battery, say 3000 mAh then it would be better. The F1 is a good basic phhone the GPS is fine with the Qualcomm CPU. I would recommend any prospective buyer to check out the Faea website, and check out the forums on there.

  • BlaZer

    Could you elaborate on the Breath light, whether it can be customized or not, colours, and its effectiveness, and also which NFC tags it’s compatible with? eg Samsung tectiles.