• Harald

    As if it was an accident 🙂

  • Airyl

    I can’t see the picture or video. What happened?

  • Airyl

    Looks like the JiaYu S1. Maybe JiaYu are making the next nexus?

    • Marius

      Hehe as much as I’d like to see that there’s no way, not for now at least. Jiayu is not large and reliable enough for Google to entrust it to build a Nexus device.
      Xiaomi, Oppo and maybe Meizu are the only only Chinese companies that could build a Nexus device.

  • Tomík

    God bless GPS users then, maybe it could be end of geocaching

  • Trowbridge40

    The smaller logo on that back has been identified as Lg

  • PeterP

    Accident – like how they put the two models side by side for a couple of seconds by accident in an edited video. And didn’t the girl feature in some other promo?
    Design – bland, looks like a larger than 5″ screen depending on bezels.
    MicroSD – maybe, dual sim – unlikely. Cost, well it will be very competitive.
    Mi3, N1, Nexus5…? If combined perfect (why cant phone companies come out witha perfect spec), will wait and see or hope the find7 is out soon.

  • Peter

    Clearly that is an exus, not a nexus :p