Oppo confirms Oppo N1 will have a 5.9-inch display!

Oppo confirms Oppo N1 will have a 5.9-inch display!


Love or hate large screen phones, the truth is that they are here and that’s what companies are going after including Oppo and their new Oppo N1!

Oppo have just posted the above image on their official Facebook fan page confirming that the Oppo N1 will have a huge 5.9-inch display! This is quite a surprise as previous rumours had pegged the N1 at 5.5-inch!

Big screen phones are becoming more mainstream but that isn’t to say the everyone is happy with the idea of a 5.9-inch Oppo N1. Some Oppo fans have commented that they are no longer interested in the new handset, while some have greeted the news with open arms!

Having spent time with many a 5-inch, 5.5-inch and 6-inch phone I have to say that I am not all that excited either. If designed correctly (which I believe Oppo could do) they could have produced a 5.5-inch phone which would offer the larger display and measure not much more than the current Find 5, but 5.9-inch is going to be big no matter the bezel size and overall thickness.

What we know about the Oppo N1 now is that it will have a 5.9-inch display, an ‘amazing’ camera, Snapdragon 800 processor, SD card expansion, rear touch panel and it will launch on 23rd September.

What do you think of a 5.9-inch Oppo N1?

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  • Aristo

    That phone is far too big, never gonna buy a phone above 5″.

    I am really hoping that the Mi3 won’t be larger than 5″, but don’t think so.

  • Cash

    “Oppo just reached out to us to say that the N1 doesn’t actually use the Snapdragon 800”


  • Petri

    Might be too big for me.
    maybe i will buy the Mi3

  • ohno

    To big = fail

  • anony

    Yes, they are here to fail.

  • Jack

    Dear Oppo, please get this:

    Guys don’t have handbags and want to be able to carry their devices in their jeans pockets when we are not in suit. 5-inch is the maximum, no matter how good the screen is or our sympathy for the brand, which we have. I’m not speaking for everyone, but there’s no way I’ll ever buy such a big device. Period. So maybe waiting for a Find 7 or something sooner, I don’t know yet.

    Regards, Jack.

    • They still have to iron out the issues on the Find 5, so Find 7 is a good 6-8 months away.

  • Now, that complicates things. Most probably at 23rd more than one phones will be anounced. And the 5.5′ one could be the Find 7. As for the N1, if Oppo managed to keep it in par with Note 2/3 size it’ll be good. If finally the find 7 has the 5.5 screen (or less) I think I’ll go that way. Although i love big screens, I think anything over 5.5-5.7 is not convenient for everyday use.

  • inkflow

    Excellent size!

  • alfred

    Big screen and dual sim cards + 4G is the way to go……er..for me

  • Frank Wu

    A bad move by Oppo! I m really disappointed!

  • Airyl

    I don’t see why everyone is so dissapointed. The large screen is PERFECT to , showcase the back panel’s capabilities, since it’s going to be way too big for normal one handed use. This is going to be a dream to use, having a huge screen that’s easier to one hand. Can’t wait!

    • anony

      Ooooh back panel, that’s every thing I want in my phone.

      I can’t wait to ridicule anyone who use such phone with one hand.

  • Simon

    I want a smartphone & a tablet as two separate devices. But that doesn’t rule out other Oppo devices. I’m sure some people will be happy.

  • So7t

    To big for my taste!! 😀

  • I guess they’re trying to have a phone in every category. Nothing of course will be as special as the Find 5, however, with a handful of international devices they might get the international footage which will make other phones like the upcoming Find 7 a hit.

  • simon

    too big

  • Allanitomwesh

    I don’t know,with the thin bezels and touch sensitive back,I think i’ll reserve judgement for now. But yeah,this is not gonna be jeans friendly.

    • anony

      You realize that by having back touch you’d have to compromise your hand position while holding the damn thing do you? Not a good idea on a humongous sized “phone”.

      I just hope that this phone is tough or Oppo will have to repair a lot of device from idiots who try to operate the thing with only one hand.

      • @Anony
        You’re not wrong about that, people are not “trained” to use phones in such way , single handed. Probably there’ll be some ..accidents and lots of fustration as well.

  • Harald

    Too big fail

  • Paul

    Yes I too think this is a FAIL from Oppo and way to big! One more potential customer lost.

  • Ravi

    Your n1smart phone teck pl send me

  • Marius

    I’m just going to skip these phones and get me a 7inch tablet with phone capabilities … that’s where we’re headed anyway.
    I can understand that some think bigger screen = better but how big is big enough ? Right now we’re crossing the 6inch mark for a phone screen. At 7 inches we have tablets … I’m finding problems even with a 4.3 inch phone being a bit large to fit in some pockets, over 5 inches is just too much.

    • anony

      Vote with your wallet, make them realize their mistake the hard way.

  • Airyl

    @Anony: Chill bro. Let’s reserve judgement for when the device is released and reviewed. The Galaxy Mega is getting rave reviews although it’s 6.3 inches. Even if it’s 5.9 inches, that doesn’t mean it’s going to fail, since there is a market for these phablet devices.

    • anony

      Stupidly big “phone” getting rave review from “journalist” won’t change my mind at all. There’s market for stupidly big “phone” but they don’t have to do that by sacrificing “small” phone (i.e. sooner or later they will only make small phone with shitty specs)