Pomp W99 reader impressions

Are you looking to buy the low-cost Pomp W99? Then before you do read GizChina readers, Jeff Nield’s impressions of the phone. Budget bargain or big let down?

Pomp W9 Specifications

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Pomp W99 unboxing

My Pomp W99 arrived this afternoon at the post office taking 15 days from placing the order. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of protection in the packing the company had done for this journey.

The main box had been wrapped in bubble wrap with support packing top and bottom so it was totally encased. The Outer box completely encased in packaging tape so if there had been any attempt to tamper would have been very noticeable.


The main box itself is very sturdy white in colour with a silver stripe to indicate the opening this folds out to leave the centre section containing the phone and its contents.

pomp w99 review


There are 7 items inside all of which are wrapped in plastic these are the 1700mAh battery not the 2000mAh as per spec sheet seems inadequate for this phone , ac adaptor, USB cable and a set of head phones with mic incorporated.pomp w99 reviewThe box also contained the guarantee in Chinese and English/Chinese user manual a set of IMEI stickers and a Pomp screen guard in all a very pleasing and professional package.

Pomp W99 hands on Impressions


pomp w99 review

The last inclusion was a white folding case that needs to be attached to the back casing, something I think I may not use. I would have preferred a case that the phone could slip into and not be permanently stuck on to the rear case. Talking of the case this is where the three antennae are situated top left is the Wi Fi on the right is the GPS and the bottom right beside the speaker sits the GSM how effective these will be one can only wait and see.

pomp w99 review

The phone feels very sturdy, I tried the bend test first off,  it passed no flexing at all. This being my first Chinese phone for nearly three years on first impressions I am glad to have made the choice when offered on Gizchina.com. The protective plastic cover has a descriptive of all the controls on the phone, a nice touch for the new owner.

pomp w99 review

The only thing I notice from the back cover is the camera states 8.0 not 13.0 as stated in the original specs. I wonder if I have been sent something different.

pomp w99 review

The Antutu test shows this to be true, it’s a 8.0 camera.

The user manual has been written in English for a change and not translated from the Chinese script. This makes for ease of use. The only problem and one all makers seem to do is use symbols with a black back ground, I suspect this was taken from a colour screen dump.

pomp w99 review

All that needs to be done here is reverse the image so you can see what the symbol as an outline on white, otherwise a fine example to get the detail right.

pomp w99 review

I tried to add the protector screen but alas I have failed as I have bubbled all over the place so will need to take it to a professional installer at some stage. No doubt will need to buy a new screen protector from Pomp.

Pomp W99 in use

pomp w99 review

The phone seems very responsive although the signal strength to my provider is down compared to my old phone. Will need to test this with a train trip to the city to see if there are any drop outs compared to the previous handset.

Pomp W99 Photo Samples

pomp w99 review

pomp w99 review

pomp w99 review

The camera is very easy to use has a burst factor and the images seem sharp.

Has some of the Chinese apps still installed on screen but I can live with that as I am able to connect to the usual western apps with no problems.

Pomp W99 Conclusion

It feels comfortable in the hand with screen sharp and bright enough outside use. However I find that the screen has light bleed from the bottom for the first quarter this you can see when you are in about phone mode.

I have also checked YouTube video about the W99 and surprise surprise it’s my phone they are using complete with the 1700mAh battery. So makes this phone a demonstrator I suppose, rather than a new phone.

My Pomp used on youtube.


When all is said and done, I’m disappointed with the Pomp W99, the phone is not of the quality I expected and the fact the specifications don’t match the hardware make me feel like I’ve been sent the totally wrong phone (who is to blame here advertiser of manufacture I don’t know). A pity as I was looking forward to a maker that produced what they said. But in this case that appears not to be the case. A big disappointment.

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  1. September 16, 2013

    Hmm for the price I personally think it he zopo c2 is more worth

  2. Haqq
    September 16, 2013

    How much does it score in Antutu? Previous news showed ~18000 but I doubted it.

    • September 24, 2013

      On my unit I scored 16000

  3. September 16, 2013

    nice review , gives people a heads up on what to expect.
    how was the wifi reception ?
    Ps. if u would like to re-use the screenprotector u can. u just need to take some transparent tape the screen protector to a table then make a lil loop with the tape and clean the screen protector u also need to do this to the screen of the phone before you apply. the bubbles u are getting is due to dust particles on the screen. u need to make sure there is no air circulation in the room around u and that ur area is as dust free as can be.

    • Mannaoz
      September 17, 2013

      Thanks for the advice I will give it a try see if I can get ride of the bubbles. I think the screen protector suffered because the phone had been used for the you-tube review and was not cleaned before they sent it to me as a NEW ha ha phone.

  4. September 16, 2013


    Thnx for the review.

    Please after using the phone update the review.
    WiFi, GPS, signal strength, sound volumen…

    Thnx again

    • Mannaoz
      September 17, 2013

      The Wi Fi signal is fine so far seems to be very sensitive and bringing lots of stations that are online. However the phone signal strength is very disappointing for me here in Australia. When I am on the train I get constant drop outs and the signal just disappears. Very frustrating. I think this may be a Chinese failure and Andi or somebody might like to comment on this. My theory is that in China there are far more transmitters and the signal does not have to be as powerful as what we have here in Australia. The other drama I had over the weekend was I was using a USB mobile data service for my computer to be online. When I tried to make a call from the phone it seemed to link itself to the USB and crashed. I know this was the case as when I moved into another room 20 meters from the USB I was able to call out without any interference. I have never experienced this with any other phone I have used. Any comment would be appreciated. I will test the GPS but have not been a great fan of these on mobiles as they are a distraction whilst driving.

  5. Mannaoz
    September 17, 2013

    OK I have tried the GPS factor on the phone. I downloaded app’s called Android GPS Test and 360 Compass. I have had the phone outside on a table for 15 mins but alas there doesn’t appear to be any reception for me here in Australia. So I would have to say that this feature doesn’t exists on this phone I have. So at this time I think of this as a very lite weight phone and from the results find it hard to recommend this phone to anyone. So looks like I have been sold an inferior phone that is not worth the money paid. Would love to hear from the manufacturer but have not had any contact at all. 🙁

    • Edu
      September 18, 2013

      Just root your phone… Use faster gps to configure it to your location… Enable a-gps in system settings… Download the requires files and enjoy… Your GPS will work just fine…

  6. September 19, 2013

    Thnx for the review

    I think that you phone does have a GPS, perhaps it doesnt work perfect but it will work “more or less”

    As Edu says: in Settings->Location activate GPS and click there again in order to activate AGPS and EPO and dowload the file for fast fix the GPS. It will help

    Good luck

  7. Edu
    September 21, 2013

    Just bought a pomp w99 for me at pandawill.com happy hour price: U$ 217,99… I think it’s worth for this price! I would like to see some roms for this model…

  8. Paybol
    September 23, 2013


    I also bought a pomp w99 at pandawill.com happy hour price: U$ 217,99. I ordered on 16th of september but it is on processing yet. They told me that on 2 days they will ship it. I think that for the price I bought it it is the best price I found for a chinesse mobile with these performances. I knew the problem with the battery and camera real specifications thanks to Mannaoz. For the GPS I think this problem is usual for the mobiles using Mediatek, I found this to solve the problem: http://gizchina.es/2013/07/22/solucion-problema-gps-mediatek/ (it is in spanish, sorry!!).
    Mannaoz, what is your major problem apart of the camera resolution, battery specification and GPS?, only the signal strength?.

    • October 20, 2013

      Hi there
      Yes the other problem I have experienced with this phone is.
      When you are talking and there is Wifi around this phone locks into that signal and stops you from talking. At first I thought it may have been an isolated incident but it now has happened to me 5 times. Very frustrating to say the least. About the battery issue I only received a 1750 not 2000 but seems to do I need as I am not a heavy user. Hope this helps. Pity they don’t answer emails. Maybe it’s because they have no English speaking person that can do this. Surly they could reach out for help here.

      • October 20, 2013

        Followed the instructions from the Spanish site. After a couple of goes as I was unsure what I was doing all worked fine. I have now 13 satellites in view from my location in Australia. Thanks so much for the instructions and Google translate for helping in that.

        • eteles
          October 23, 2013

          Hello… I now have my POMP W99… Followed the instrunctions for fixing the GPS signal but i´ve still got no signal… What did you do? Did you rebooted the phone? Please help!!

      • October 20, 2013

        Thank you so much
        I translated from translate.google.com.au
        then followed the instructions with a couple of tries
        Worked very well and now have 13 satellites in view from here in Australia.
        All I need to be able to do is get the compass app working
        Any clues !!

  9. September 24, 2013

    Hey Mannaoz,
    I received my unit today and you were right in back of the camera is 8 megapixel instead of 13 and battery is 1700 not 2000.but Whats really frustating is the signal reception. I’m receiving a lot of dead zones in my house and outside. Have you figured out a way to boost the signal?

    For anyone else wondering Antutu benchmark is 16000. Signal Strength is really bad and i’m reachign out to vendor for a resolution.

    • Paybol
      September 25, 2013


      What about the rest of the performances?, camera, GPS, WIFI, screen, dualsim, etc.
      We have to ask the vendor about the signal strength, if you cannot get GPS signal is a bad thing but the signal strength is very very important…If you have any feedback from the vendor please inform us. When I receive my mobile I will give you my feedback.

      • September 25, 2013

        I’ve been using this phone for 24hrs so here it go.

        Performance is great. No lag no issues. Benchmark 16000 with antutu.

        Camera works fine. As stated in the review and in the back of the device it’s 8 mega pixol and not 13.

        Wifi works great I had some dead zones in my house with my old phone and this is working throughout the entire house.

        I only use one sim card at a time but did try both sim ports to make sure they work. Work fine for me.

        Screen resolution is fine didn’t find any discoloring or anything of the sort. Picture’s look beautiful on the screen.

        The signal issue is to much of a hassle for me. I haven’t heard anything back from the vendor which i find very strange. But I will be returning it. I think my unit is faulty unless the vendor provide some way of resolving the issue. Within 5 minutes the service would drop about 3 or 4 times for about 2 -3 minutes while i’m outside.

        Good Luck Paybol.

        • Paybol
          September 26, 2013

          Thanks!!!, I will give my feedback as soon as I receive it.

  10. September 27, 2013

    Update. Because the seller/vendor never responded to any of my emails. So I open a claim with Paypal. Seller claims through paypal that my claims are false. This is going to get real interesting. I will keep you all posted.

    If you receive your unit faulty. Do not hesitate to any means necessary to reach the seller/vendor including Paypal.

    • Paybol
      October 1, 2013

      Good luck!!!, I didn’t buy it directly to the manufacturer but http://www.pandawill.com/, if I have the same problem I will open also a claim by Paypal.

      • October 1, 2013

        yea – so paypal said return it and they will issue a full refund. Good luck

        • Paybol
          October 2, 2013

          Give here feedback of your claim pleae. good luck!!

          • October 20, 2013

            yeah paypal issued a full refund to my account. Just wanted to keep you posted.

  11. Edu
    October 17, 2013

    Will post my results as soon as I receive it… Items from China to Brazil will take a little while… KillerMaze, I think you really have a faulty phone, since other reviews are stating the signal strength is good… What you could try is to update your baseband… Seach and ask for help on xda forum…

    • October 17, 2013

      Its possible I couldve had a faulty phone but the customer service from pomp was horrible. There wasn’t just no response from them at all with any of my issues. I wish someone mention something about the base-band earlier i would’ve tried it if it didn’t require any hardware changes. But even the writer of this article I believe wrote that certain area’s he was having drop signal issues. I returned the phone to Pomp headquarters. Good luck with your item bro.

      • Pablo
        October 18, 2013

        sorry for you problems, I see you returned it to Pomp headquarters but what about the payment?, did you receive the payment back?.
        I see in the picture a Flip Cover Case, did you ordered to Pomp or It was included with the phone?, I did see in the manufacturer package included. I t is OK?

        • October 18, 2013

          Yes paypal is going to issue a refund once Pomp receive the item. There was a flip cover case included in the package. I did purchase unit directly from pomp.com or whatever the website is.

    • Pablo
      October 18, 2013

      Edu, I ordered it to Pandawill on 16th of September and I just receive an email stating the following:

      “Dear Pandawill customer ,

      Thank you very much for your order on Pandawill.com online store.
      Really so sorry for long time waiting for your order.As your First package
      contains battery,so the parcel has send back to us.

      Today we write to you,we will resend the parcel by DHL global mail(it’s the
      registered mail,not the Express mail)for free. If you agree,we will resend
      the parcel as soon as possible.Once the parcel ships will send the tracking
      number by email.

      If you have any other question or suggestion please also let us know .
      waiting for your reply

      Pandawill Customer service Team”

      The status of the tracking was from the 29th os september on “Dispatching”. I have the posibility of cancel my order, do you think I should tell them to resend it by DHL global mail?. Where do you see the other reviews?.

      • Edu
        October 23, 2013

        Mine has arrived yesterday… Wifi reception is just OK… Not so good compared to other phones (including chinese) in my home… Still couldn´t connect to GPS, but I think it may be a problem on EPO servers… I couldn´t sucessfully download the EPO settings…

        • Edu
          October 23, 2013

          I think I´ve got a faulty phone… GPS doesn´t work… Already configured… All of my mtk6589 phones work fine, but POMP W99 can not lock on GPS position… It doesn´t any satellite… Please help!

            • Edu
              November 1, 2013

              Hello Andi… I have fixed my problem with GPS, but it was not a configuration issue…

              It seems the GPS antenna situated on the back door of the phone was not making contact with the pins on the motherboard. What I had to do was to put some layers of paper below the golden contacts of the antenna, so they were a little higher and the pins of the board could reach them… After that, the GPS worked just fine…

          • Nigel
            November 27, 2013

            I have the same problem,GPS on mine does work (sometimes) but when it does it mapped my walk tracker incorrectly by 50 %.
            Not good. Not sure what can be done about it either..??????

  12. Paybol
    November 1, 2013

    ohhh my good!!!, good fixture… do you think is a good deal for the price we bought it?

  13. Pablo
    November 5, 2013

    I have just received the POMP W99 today. Finally I could change the color of the phone to white (it was not in the special offer). I received three batteries; I think they forgot one in the phone. I have also received a flip cover even the guys from Pandawill confirm is not included in the package.
    My first impressions are good, the camera seems to make good pictures, the signal strength is ok, and the WIFI and the Bluetooth works fine.
    The only problems I have encountered are the GPS (I will try the Edu’s fixture) and the Dual SIM behavior. I have got two SIM cards, one only with data and the other with voice and data. My objective was to get this DUA SIM phone to change the voice+data SIM to only voice and not pay for it but what I have found in the POMP is that the SIM that only works with data doesn’t work properly. Sometime you can use it but after a few minutes you have a good strength signal but no data communication. I switched to use the other SIM with data and voice and works properly. Do you know what could be the problem? I tried to change the SIM ports and everything in the configuration but it doesn’t work.

  14. Pixybasher
    November 21, 2013

    I’ve just ordered the Pomp w99 so I hope its ok. £158.00 sterling. There isn’t much information or reviews out there yet so I suppose its only just come to market. This will be my first proper venture into the smart phone world so fingers crossed its going to be ok.

  15. Nigel
    November 26, 2013

    I’ve had the phone a few days now and after a few minor hickups its all working fine. Fantastic quality and everything seams to work really well, apart from the battery went dead pretty quick but on further investigation it was because there were loads of apps running in the background,looks like they were set to run all the time so I just turned them off. There are some great camera settings and controls which is really good. Especially as I’m a keep photographer.

    The other slight issue is that the user manual is really basic and doesn’t cover many of the functions which did cause some confusion at the start.

    All in all though very happy with my new phone. 🙂

  16. Nigel
    December 3, 2013

    Just a quick update…I’ve had the phone a week or so now and its great. There is one thing that most of you will have probably noticed and that’s trying to find a protective case to fit it. Nothing out there will fit exactly with hole ports in the right place which is a real pain but I did managed to find one that was big enough to fit. I wanted a protective case that provides good shock proofing capabilities due to me being very active with the dog and out on long walks. I found a small market store that did one that was just about suitable, it wasn’t perfect and I had to make some minor alterations with several cut outs but its a practical item and one that wont win any design awards..lol. Its not waterproof by any means but will provide some protection from the odd shower of rain but not recommended for a good downpour. With the added port access points that I’ve made the phone can now stay in the protective case permanently so saves messing around taking it out for charging. It also came with a bracket and a clip so can easily be attached to a rucksack or belt which is brilliant. This case unfortunately dosen’t have a name or model number so trying to find on on the net will be impossible. If anyone is interested and would like to see some photos then please e-mail me on nigelestreet@yahoo.co.uk and I’d gladly send you some pictures. I might also be able to get hold of a few more so give me a shout and I’ll see what I can do.
    Regards Nige