Pomp W99 reader impressions

Are you looking to buy the low-cost Pomp W99? Then before you do read GizChina readers, Jeff Nield’s impressions of the phone. Budget bargain or big let down?

Pomp W9 Specifications

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Pomp W99 unboxing

My Pomp W99 arrived this afternoon at the post office taking 15 days from placing the order. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of protection in the packing the company had done for this journey.

The main box had been wrapped in bubble wrap with support packing top and bottom so it was totally encased. The Outer box completely encased in packaging tape so if there had been any attempt to tamper would have been very noticeable.


The main box itself is very sturdy white in colour with a silver stripe to indicate the opening this folds out to leave the centre section containing the phone and its contents.

pomp w99 review


There are 7 items inside all of which are wrapped in plastic these are the 1700mAh battery not the 2000mAh as per spec sheet seems inadequate for this phone , ac adaptor, USB cable and a set of head phones with mic incorporated.pomp w99 reviewThe box also contained the guarantee in Chinese and English/Chinese user manual a set of IMEI stickers and a Pomp screen guard in all a very pleasing and professional package.

Pomp W99 hands on Impressions


pomp w99 review

The last inclusion was a white folding case that needs to be attached to the back casing, something I think I may not use. I would have preferred a case that the phone could slip into and not be permanently stuck on to the rear case. Talking of the case this is where the three antennae are situated top left is the Wi Fi on the right is the GPS and the bottom right beside the speaker sits the GSM how effective these will be one can only wait and see.

pomp w99 review

The phone feels very sturdy, I tried the bend test first off,  it passed no flexing at all. This being my first Chinese phone for nearly three years on first impressions I am glad to have made the choice when offered on Gizchina.com. The protective plastic cover has a descriptive of all the controls on the phone, a nice touch for the new owner.

pomp w99 review

The only thing I notice from the back cover is the camera states 8.0 not 13.0 as stated in the original specs. I wonder if I have been sent something different.

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pomp w99 review

The Antutu test shows this to be true, it’s a 8.0 camera.

The user manual has been written in English for a change and not translated from the Chinese script. This makes for ease of use. The only problem and one all makers seem to do is use symbols with a black back ground, I suspect this was taken from a colour screen dump.

pomp w99 review

All that needs to be done here is reverse the image so you can see what the symbol as an outline on white, otherwise a fine example to get the detail right.

pomp w99 review

I tried to add the protector screen but alas I have failed as I have bubbled all over the place so will need to take it to a professional installer at some stage. No doubt will need to buy a new screen protector from Pomp.

Pomp W99 in use

pomp w99 review

The phone seems very responsive although the signal strength to my provider is down compared to my old phone. Will need to test this with a train trip to the city to see if there are any drop outs compared to the previous handset.

Pomp W99 Photo Samples

pomp w99 review

pomp w99 review

pomp w99 review

The camera is very easy to use has a burst factor and the images seem sharp.

Has some of the Chinese apps still installed on screen but I can live with that as I am able to connect to the usual western apps with no problems.

Pomp W99 Conclusion

It feels comfortable in the hand with screen sharp and bright enough outside use. However I find that the screen has light bleed from the bottom for the first quarter this you can see when you are in about phone mode.

I have also checked YouTube video about the W99 and surprise surprise it’s my phone they are using complete with the 1700mAh battery. So makes this phone a demonstrator I suppose, rather than a new phone.

My Pomp used on youtube.


When all is said and done, I’m disappointed with the Pomp W99, the phone is not of the quality I expected and the fact the specifications don’t match the hardware make me feel like I’ve been sent the totally wrong phone (who is to blame here advertiser of manufacture I don’t know). A pity as I was looking forward to a maker that produced what they said. But in this case that appears not to be the case. A big disappointment.

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