Xiaomi opening flagship store in Beijing

Xiaomi opening flagship store in Beijing


At around 10pm last night Xiaomi’s VP, Liwan Jiang announced on his Weibo account that Xiaomi will open the first flagship store in Wangjing district of Beijing.

The demand for Xiaomi phone and products both at home and abroad is amazing, but up until now the Beijing based phone maker has resisted opening physical stores. However this is all about to change with a Xiaomi experience store located in Beijing.

xiaomi store 3

At the store customers will be able to get to try out the latest Xiaomi products including the Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone and Xiaomi TV, as well as receive professional help, servicing and even a 1 hour repair service!

It’s not clear when the sore will officially open, but we can see from the photos that the it looks ready to accept customers at any time.

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  • Qidamin

    Yep, I saw it yesterday wandering around, was wondering if it was an aftersale service shop or what! very interesting, I will go to check!

  • MixXx2005

    Does this mean that mi2s price can go even lover for international buyers? :))

  • Lee

    Very interesting. Hopefully they are selling stock from their store, though this seems unlikely given their business plan.

  • Jogo

    does someone wants to help me with buying Xiaomi Mi3 from this market and send it vie mail to EU? i need help! can’t wait to december for Snapdragon Mi3 :(( please, dear xiaomi fans all over there in china!

    • Icepat

      I’m living in Beijing, I can help.
      But actually the MI3 is not yet released, and the first released version will be the Tegra 4 (with unsupported 3G frequencies in EU).

      For the EU you should buy the S800 powered model.

      • yogi

        what about India does it support Tegra

      • Jogo

        Icepat, can you write me on personal here and give me your contac?. I know i have wait for Snapdragon and i’ll wait it to be released, but when this time come i need someone to help me with buying it from Beijing if the international it’s not yet open!

      • josé l.

        Hola, estoy interesado en adquirir el xiaomi m3, somos varios aficionados aqui en sevilla, pero parece muy lejana la posibilidad en el tiempo. Crees que habría alguna manera de ponernos de acuerdo una vez salga el modelo compatible con Europa? Gracias

  • Simon

    Excellent news for people living near Beijing. Hugo Barra has to expediate the internation expansion now of Xiaomi stores.

  • Hesam

    where can I buy MI3/MI2S with best price in guangzhou?

    • You can’t buy the Mi3 it hasn’t been released. Mi2S can be bought at a phone market quite easily.

      • ved

        Hi Andi !!

        u talking about the resellers { with hiked price 🙁 } or is it available directly in the market at same price as xiaomi on their website??

        can you update us on any trusted store around gangzhou ( dont wanna pick up on any knock offs mistakenly ) ???

        i am visiting gangzhou around 14 October , do u think MI 3 will be on up for purchase by then ??

        thanx in advance ….

  • rob haigh

    Any info on the wdcma Hongmi? Was supposed to be end of September but, all seems quiet….