No.1 joins the iPhone 5C clone brigade with the No.1 5C

Chinese phone makers have taken quite a shine to Apple’s plastic bodied iPhone 5c with a 3rd Android powered knock-off now available from manufacturer No.1.

No.1 kicked off this year with an iPad mini clone, then quickly launched a Samsung Galaxy S4 wannabe, Note 3 clone and now they have taken on Apple with a near 1:1 replica of the iPhone 5c.

no 1 iphone 5c clone china 2

Based around a quad-core Mediatek MT6589 processor, the N0.1 5c comes with 1GB RAM, 8GB memory, rear 8 mega-pixel camera, a 4-inch 1280 x 720 IPS display and is available in a number of bright colours just like the original.

Like over iPhone clones the No.1 5c runs Android with an iOS7 skin over the top to give the complete Apple experience. The only tell-tale sign that this isn’t an Apple product are the ‘Phone’ and ‘No.1’ logos on the rear.

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