Xiaomi Mi3 vs Xiaomi Mi2S: Benchmarks

To continue with the test on the Xiaomi Mi3, I decided it was a good idea to compare the performance of the phone against its predecessor, the Xiaomi Mi2S.

In the complete review of Xiaomi Mi3, we tested the Mi3 and found it to be a powerful beast, but how would it compare to the phone that came before it, the Xiaomi Mi2S?

The Mi2S and Mi3 are completely different from a design point of view and even more so when looking closely at the specs. The Mi2S has a smaller 4.2-inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 720, the Snapdragon 600 runs at ‘just’ 1.7Ghz, and the rear camera is only an 8 mega-pixel unit (unless you buy the 32GB model and it is a 13 mega-pixel). In comparison the Mi3 has a 5-inch FHD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a more powerful Nvidia Tegra 4 chipset.

There are other differences too. The screen on the Mi3 is an ultra-sensetive model which can be used with gloves or when wet. The battery is non-replaceable but larger, there is a dual LED flash rather than single LED, and the body of the new phone is sleeker, thinner and feels better made.

As the purpose of this post is to show the performance difference between the 2 phones I haven’t gone in to great detail. The Mi2S is still a mighty fine phone, with plenty of power and a great camera. In fact if you were looking to buy a Xiaomi now I would highly recommend the Mi2S, but if you already have this phone (or the older Mi2) you will definitely see an increase in performance! Just take a look at the benchmarks below.

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Xiaomi Mi3 vs Xiaomi Mi2S

Antutu Benchmark


3D Mark – Ice Storm Extreme

It is worth noting that both phones, even the ‘older’ Mi2S, had to be tested on the Extreme Ice Storm test as they are just too powerful for the regular mode!

As you can see from the tests both phones are amazingly powerful and if you have just bought an Mi2S you shouldn’t really be in any rush for the Mi3 (unless you really must have the larger display). Both phones handle gaming, daily use, any app and camera processing with ease!

In my opinion it is great that Xiaomi are still offering the Mi2S alongside the Mi3. It is the perfect ‘mini’ phone! It has a great display, comfortable form factor, powerful hardware and a low-price. The Xiaomi Mi3 is a true flagship phone with all the bells and whistles you would expect!

If you are in the market for a Xiaomi phone you might want to keep the Mi2S in mind as it is easily available cheaper and immensely powerful. For anyone wanting the best of the best or upgrading from the Mi2/S then the Mi3 is not going to disappoint! For more details about the Xiaomi Mi3 read the full review here : Xiaomi Mi3 review.

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