Xiaomi show off render of a ‘developing part’ for the Mi3!

After making waves with their smartphones, Xiaomi now seem to be concentrating on add-ons and accessories for their phones. This includes the much in-demand Xiaomi Piston earphones and of course, the higher capacity batteries they have on offer for the Mi2 and the Mi2S.

Xiaomi last night shared a render of what they call a new ‘developing part’ for the latest installment from their Mi series of smartphones, the Mi3. This was shared on their official Facebook page.

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They gave nothing away, and fans of Xiaomi have been up to a guessing game ever since. Fans’ guesses included battery packs, car holders, donut tracking devices (LOL!), etc. We really have no clue of what it actually is going to be!

What’s your guess? Let us know by commenting below!

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  1. roberto tomás
    October 4, 2013

    it’s the Xiaomi Mi3 Active — water-resistant, shatterproof (up to something like 15G’s), hard-mountable to tv-wall-mount style frames in cars and the like.