Another hands on video with the GooPhone i5c, shows built-in theme shortcuts

The GooPhone i5C is the infamous clone of the iPhone 5c from Chinese phone maker GooPhone. In this hands on video we get to see a neat theme shortcut feature in action.

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Priced at $119.99, the GooPhone i5C isn’t just an affordable iPhone 5C alternative, but also a pretty smart looking Android phone for anyone on a budget. As well as looking almost identical to Apple’s budget Android phone, the i5C also features a highly customised android user interface that mimics the look of iOS 7. GooPhone have also added a neat shortcut to the phone’s keypad allowing you to quickly switch themes to match the colour of the plastic shell you phone happens to be sporting.

Would you like to see more GooPhone knock-offs, or do you think the Chinese phone scene is to mature to be copying other designs now?

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  1. jellzone
    December 31, 2013

    nice post, I think goophone 5c is good for a boy or girls