LG Nexus 5 could cost less than the Xiaomi Mi3! Which would you choose?

Xiaomi, the undisputed masters of high-end low-cost phones, could be in for a shock if the latest Nexus 5 pricing rumours have any truth to them!

Google and LG are preparing to launch this years Nexus flagship phone, and like the current model the duo might be offering the handset at the lowest possible price! The current Nexus 4 surprised the tech industry last year by launching at just $299 (in the U.S), reports claim that the successor could also enjoy keen pricing.

According to PhoneArena the 16GB version of the Nexus 5 will cost just $299 but will ship with are pathetically small 2300mAh battery, an extra $100 though can you a 32GB version with much larger 3000mAh battery!

Both of these prices are lower than the Xiaomi Mi3 which boasts similar hardware specifications, including a 5-inch 1080 display, Snapdragon 800 processor and NFC support!

Xiaomi Mi3 Vs LG Nexus 5

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We don’t need to wait for the launch of either device to know that they will both be in extremely high demand. The Nexus 4 spent much of this year listed as out of stock, and Xiaomi are known for keeping stock low and demand high. Also, both of these phones are going to cost more for people outside of China and the United States, where Google subsidise the cost of Nexus phones.

xiaomi mi3 hero

Things will become extremely interesting once Xiaomi finally launch the Mi3 internationally, especially if they can keep the retail price as low as it is in China.

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Which phone do you prefer to get your hands on? The Xiaomi Mi3 or LG Nexus 5?

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