Mediatek and Rockchip sign up for new ARM Mali-T760 and T720 GPU’s

ARM have just unveiled two new Mali GPus, the mid-range Mali-T720 to replace the current Mali 400 and 450, and a flagship Mali-T670.

ARM’s Mali GPU are some of the most used units in the tablet and smartphone industry, so when they announced 2 new updated units with boosted performance and energy efficiency it is safe to say this is very very big news!

Both of the new GPU’s 28nm units which has allowed ARM to recede the size of the GPU while boosting speed, energy efficiency and adding shader cores.


The Mali-T720 is the mid-range GPU which will replace the older Mali-400 and Mali-450 GPU’s found in many current Android phones and tablets. ARM claim the new GPU offers 150% better energy efficiency over previous designs while also increasing performance to 81.6 Gflops and a pixel filtrate of 4.8 Gpix/sec. ARM have added 8 shader cores to the T720 and have made it compatible the OpenGL ES 3.0 for better Android support.


The T760 is the top of the range GPU and as such boasts more bells and whistles than compared to the entry-level version. ARM are claiming an increase in efficiency of 400% on over previous models pretty amazing considering it features 12 shader cores and boasts 326.4 GFLOPS and a pixel filtrate of 9.6 Gpix/sec!

ARM say that we will likely see the new GPU’s in devices by the end of 2014 and have already signed deals with Mediatek, Rockchips and others to use the new technology.

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