Confirmed: Zopo WILL launch world’s first true 8-core phone Internationally next week!

Confirmed: Zopo WILL launch world’s first true 8-core phone Internationally next week!


Zopo have confirmed that they will be launching the world’s first true 8-core phone based on the new Mediatek MT6592 processor on the 21st November, but more exciting they will launch it internationally on the same day!

Details were posted on Zopo’s official Facebook page and forum just moments ago detailing the companies plans to not only be the first company to launch a true 8-core phone, but also to be the first Chinese phone maker to offer the phone to international customers at launch!

We still don’t know what the full specification of the flagship Zopo phone will be, or how much it will cost, but we do know that 5000 phones have been set aside especially for Zopo’s fans around the world and will only be available through Zopo’s new online store.

What do you hope to see on the new Zopo phone? Do you hope to be one of the first 5000 to get your hand on one?

[ Zopo Forum, Zopo Facebook ]
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  • Simon

    Sounds good. What is the web-link for their new online store ?

    • It hasn’t launched yet, I believe it will be launched on the same day

      • Andreas

        “What’s more you will be able to order the latest MT6592 equipped Zopo phone on the day of launch, 21st November 2013! ”

        Quote of a post on their official forum

        • I was referring to the launch of their store 🙂

          • Andreas

            Obviously we shared the same thought 🙂

      • Simon

        Ok fine

  • Andreas

    That is amazing news!!! But how about us, European fans of Zopo?? I intended to buy Zopo C2 Platinum 2GB Ram 32GB Rom, but when I heard about the news, I convinced myself that I had to wait. However custom duties are heavy, especially here in Greece. I would be very excited to buy one of the 8core Zopo phones to be released!! 🙂

    • They say it is an international launch, but there isn’t much any company can do about import duties. What % are you charged on phones there?

      • Andreas

        23% + commission on the import (DHL Customs Clearer get a lot of money here)

        • WOW! That’s huge!

          • Andreas

            You tell me.. So many amazing gadgets in China and it is difficult to buy any! LOL!

            • Dangi

              You need to choose free shipping, it takes more time but it doesn’t stop at customs, and you won’t have to pay extra.

              Trust me, I’m spanish too 😉

        • Marco

          Mas i’m be happy if i van pay only 23% tax of import, here in Brasil is 60% of the product value. Fucking crazy, the only way here is subvalue the product in the note.

    • Oli

      As far as I know you won’t have to pay any customs fees if they dispatch it from their EU warehouse in Italy. But I doubt they’ll have this new smartphone in their Italian warehouse in the beginning.
      And yeah, you are right about the huge customs fees. I was brave (and stupid) enough to order my Zopo C2 from a Chinese reseller, was shipped from Hong Kong to Spain via DHL and I had to pay 45 EUR customs tax. Perhaps I was “lucky” this time, because I have ordered 4 phones in the last 2 years and the Spanish customs only caught me once 🙂

      • Andreas

        Yes that is so lucky!! Here it is not only will I have to pay for tax but I will have to pay DHL around 50-80 EUR just to clear my parcel. BIG fail! 😛

        I guess that is not their official store, but a retail store in italy? Can anyone by @Gizchina:disqus confirm what is exactly the case? I believe that in any case, availability in eu based warehouses will not be soon enough though…

  • Airyl

    Goodbye shady E-shops that I don’t know if I can trust, hello trustworthy official Zopo store!

  • tweetycontrabajo

    Doesn’t have a name?

    • claude

      zp1000 I guess…

  • Zeca

    What are the full specs?

    • I guess we will have to wait until the launch we only have rumoured specifications at the moment.

  • Erick Alcala

    Products marked with *** are not available in the desired quantity or not in stock!