Open Thread: Which Chinese phone do you use in your country?

Chinese phones are notorious for their high specifications and low-pricing, but also their difficulty to obtain and odd network compatibility! So we ask GizChina readers “Which Chinese phone do you use in your country?”

Why Chinese smartphones?

Savvy tech lovers around the world are beginning to take notice of the Chinese smartphone market. There are some great phones to be had and prices are much more appealing than those from big name brands we are most use to seeing. Innovation is another area Chinese phones standout from the crowd! When was the last time we saw Samsung or Apple make something truly unique?

oppo n1 hands on impressions

Which Chinese phone do you use in your country?

So, after learning about the Chinese smartphone industry, the models available and the specifications that can be had at much lower prices, which Chinese smartphone did you choose?

gold xiaomi mi3 hero

Perhaps you are a veteran of Chinese phones, or maybe you haven’t bought one just yet, either way we would love to hear which phone you have chosen and why?

We would also like to hear where to are based and if your Chinese phone has any compatibility issues with the carriers you use. Does your JiaYu G4 work on Orange in the UK? Your Xiaomi Mi3 picking up 3G on Verizon? Or perhaps you are looking for a Chinese phone which will work with a specific carrier?

Leave your comments!

This open thread all relays on you guys! Hopefully we will be able to help answer a few questions through your comments, learn some great hints and tips from your experience, maybe even avoid a bad purchase decision and save some cash!?

Comments are open so let’s get started!

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