Oppo R829, a 4.5-inch phone with Snapdragon 600 for under $320!

Well it’s not the Oppo Find 7, but it could be classed as a true Oppo Find 5 Mini! The image above which was released by Oppo earler today has been confimed as the Oppo R829!

The Oppo R829 is one phone which many international phone fans have been waiting for! It boasts a stylish design with holographic rear panel, an 8 mega-pixel main camera, 4.5-inch 720p display, 2GB RAM and a Snapdragon 600 processor all for around 2000 Yuan ($320)!

Although the phone market has moved to larger and larger screen sizes the pocketable 4.5-inch display and high powered CPU of the Oppo R829 are just what some customers are looking for! But there is a But and it’s a large one! Apparently this mightly little phone will only be availbale in China and “certain market(s)”. With that said though Oppo have shown to follow customs wants and market trends so this could change.

Thanks to Josef for clearing this up!

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