UMi X3 prototype makes an appearance; Promises 3GB RAM, 16MP camera, 8 core processor

UMi’s 3rd installment from their X series, the UMi X3, of smartphones makes a quick appearance online!

Rumour going around suggests that the X3 might come with as much as 3GB RAM and a 16 mega-pixel camera! 3GB RAM is what the $576 Vivo Xplay 3S does, and you can expect UMi’s X3 to get a far lighter price tag, possibly half of what the Xplay 3S comes with. Design-wise, UMi are known to not be 100% original, drawing inspiration from other popular smartphone designs. In this case, we see an iPhone 5C-esque body (possibly much thinner) around what looks like a metal chassis. Another bit of inspiration possibly drawn from the iPhone are the machine-drilled speaker holes at the chin of the device.

Like most Chinese devices that have posed for the spy cam in the recent few weeks, the UMi X3 too is an MT6592 hopeful. What’s more, the phone might even pack a 16MP camera, which would push the MT6592’s multimedia capabilities to its limits! Even with the obvious non-original design, I have to say I’m pretty impressed. If the device does come with a 7mm thichness that’s rumoured, I’m quite sure there will be quite a few takers for this one!

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