China’s govt. approved COS operating system aims to end Android, iOS dominance

After surprising us with low-cost, high-performance hardware in the recent years, China now seems to have another trick up its sleeve — the COS operating system.

A company that goes by the name of Shanghai Liantong teamed up with ISCAS (Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences) and not to mention, the Chinese govt., to create the COS operating system, which in anti-climax style stands for ‘China Operating System’. Overlooking the trivial shortcomings, the OS is developed taking Linux as base, very much like the Android operating system.

Seen in the video is a device running the COS. One can clearly notice the emphasis on cloud services and basically ‘sharing’ information. Many of China’s manufacturers have shown similar intent, albeit with the Android OS as base — Xiaomi’s MIUI and OPPO’s ColorOS stand testimony to this.

According to Richard Lai of Engadget, a major supporter behind the COS project is Taiwan’s HTC, a company trying to recover from a rather forgettable 2013.

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