HTC reportedly stumped by OnePlus’ ‘One+’ trademark!

Taiwanese smartphone giant HTC might just find themselves in a fix after trademark filing by comparatively lesser-known manufacturer.

We’re talking about OnePlus, the OPPO spin-off with radical ambitions. The company doesn’t yet have a smartphone release to its kitty yet, but it is already giving some big guns (read: HTC) a hard time. According to reports, the infant company has managed to secure trademark of ‘One+’ in the United States. Anyone who’s been following the progress around the upcoming HTC would bet on their money that the device has (had?) a great chance of being named ‘HTC One+’. However, with this trademark filing by Shenzhen Oneplus Science & Technology Co., things are all set to change.

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Apart from accidentally putting HTC in some trouble, this move by OnePlus might result in some critical media mileage prior to their first smartphone launch, the OnePlus One. This comes right after the company hosted a media event 4 days back, in China.

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  1. rememberus
    January 17, 2014

    poor htc

  2. Doakie
    February 13, 2014

    The OnePlus One is a stupid name. The One has existed under the HTC brand for two generations now, not to mention in the Blue Life One which already knocked off the name prior to OnePlus.

    I think HTC is stupid for not trademarking the name One for mobile products usage and if the name One is so generic that they weren’t allowed to trademark it then they’re stupid for using it in the first place. One way or another HTC screwed up.