Video: iNew V3 Gaming and Benchmark Videos

Continuing on from our iNew V3 unboxing we posted a few days ago, here are a couple more videos this time of the phone in action with some gaming footage and benchmarks.

We have been playing around with the iNew V3 for a few days now and are putting the finally touches to the full review, but so you’re not kept in the dark for too long here are a few videos to keep you going. The first video shows off the iNew V3’s gaming prwess, and the second are a few benchmarks (Antutu, Nenamark, Quadrant).

iNew V3 Gaming Video

Gaming on the iNew V3 is very good for a phone of it’s price. The quad-core processor and 1GB RAM handles games such as Real Drift without an issue, but things can get choppy if the device is asked to handle more intense 3D graphics, which can be seen during the title animation of the game.

iNew V3 Benchmarks

We are generally impressed with the 1.3Ghz Mediatek MT6582 processor which powers the iNew V3 and a number of other great phones. The chipset really does offer great performance for a low-cost which can be seen by these impressive numbers:

  • Antutu: 17,146
  • Nenamark: 53.1fps
  • Quadrant: 5,930

Hope you enjoyed the videos and keep posted for the full iNew V3 review coming soon.

Thanks to Coolicool for sending us our iNew V3 review phone.

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