Entry-level Acer Liquid Z5 launched for 1400 Yuan and it’s NOT WORTH BUYING!

$230 isn’t all that much for an Android smartphone from a well known company, but in the case of the Liquid Z5 it really is far too much money especially when customers have the choice of something actually good!

The Acer Liquid Z5 was first unveiled at CES where show goers were able to get their hands on the 5-inch phone and enjoy the low resolution of 854 x 480, not to mention the pure power that the 512mb RAM affords from the dual-core phone!

Honestly at this price the Acer Liquid Z5 has absolutely nothing going for it! The Huawei Honor 3C with 2GB RAM with better rear camera and higher resolution display costs just 998 Yuan in China and the ZTE Nubia Z5 mini with Snapdragon 600 processor and OIS rear camera can be had at 1499 Yuan!

If you did want to throw money at this thing then you might be happy to learn that the Z5 will officially launch in the UK, France, Italy and the Netherlands!

Come on Acer build something actually worth buying!

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