64GB Xiaomi Mi3 silently appears on the Xiaomi store

64gb xiaomi mi3

Xiaomi’s Snapdragon 800 Mi3 makes a silent appearance on the official Xiaomi store in 64GB memory guise.

When Lei Jun took to the stage last year and announced that the Mi3 would have a Snapdragon 800 processor we were excited! When we learnt it would also have a 64GB option we were extatic! And then came the wait! To be fair to Xiaomi Qualcomm were the reason behind the delay in a Snapdragon Mi3, we can only guess that Xiaomi were waiting for memory modules to drop in price as to why the 64GB model has taken such a long time!

Finally though Xiaomi fans in China, and only China at this moment, can head over to the Xiaomi website and order the 64GB Mi3 with Snapdragon 800 cpu now. When we checked there were still stocks of the 64GB model which sells for 2499 Yuan while the 16GB version was sold out.

Thanks to GrößterNehmer for the tip!

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