Confirmed! Oppo Find 7 will have removable battery

oppo find 7 removable rear

A removable battery has been confirmed for the flagship Oppo Find 7!

Oppo fans love their Oppo Find 5, but even with their passion they cannot deny the Find 5 battery life and fact it was not removable were the weak links in an overall awesome phone!

Oppo have proven on numerous occasions they are committed to their customers and listen to user input, which is probably the reason why the Oppo Find 7 will come with a removable battery!

Over on Oppo’s Weibo account a teaser image has been posted describing the Oppo Find 7 as a phone which a unibody appearance but removable rear panel to access and replace the battery. The details go so far as to tell us that pressing a small recess on the side of the phone will release the back panel!

Oppo will launch the Find 7 in Beijing on 19th March. It is rumoured that two versions of the phone will be available both with 3GB RAM, variants of the Snapdragon 800 CPU and either a 1080 or 2K display (depending on the model you choose).

[ Oppo ]
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