Video: OPPO Find 7 teaser shows extrapolated Find 5 design!

Video: OPPO Find 7 teaser shows extrapolated Find 5 design!


Apart from continuing to expand through markets international, China’s OPPO are also working on the release of their next big thing, i.e., the OPPO Find 7.

The company posted a 15-second teaser minutes back, showing the front of the elusive Find 7. Hardly anything apart from the front is seen, which, however, is enough to confirm a Find 5-esque design.

OPPO Find 7 teaser

Given that the phone will have a 5.5-inch screen, we’ve reason to believe it will be more like an extrapolated version of the Find 5. Though, OPPO maintain that the Find 7 will be ‘a 5.5-inch screen phone with the size of a 5-inch one’.

The Find 7 will be OPPO’s first device to feature a 2560 x 1440p display, and as we reported previously, the Find 7 will also come in a 1080p variant. For more info on the Find 7 and its specifications, you can head here.

The device is pegged for a release March 19, which the video confirms. OPPO don’t seem too interested in the ongoing MWC, or so they make it appear!

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  • Find791

    It doesn’t correspond to the pictures from TENAA, good news ! Look the pictures on photoshop with calques and increase luminosity, the top borders are too round on the TENAA’s photos !

    Hoping that I’am true !

    • Find791

      It seems like it will be several sizes ! look at the different moments of lightning ! At the end, the body is smaller than at the beggining !

      • Find791

        Sorry, I have to edit: it’s just a zooming effect (at each milisecund Find 7 grows up) so, maybe there is 2 ou 3 sizes maximum, but I think it’s just 1 size zooming


    • Really hope that is the case!

  • I hear live from MWC that its very similar in size to the find 5!!! Unfortunately no photo as yet 🙂

    • Find791

      Find 7 is not at the MWC, I am wrong ?!!

      • Correct not there. I just heard from the oppo team when I spoke with them its very similar in size to the F5 is all they could say and it launches in Beijing. BUT I also heard usually its available 1 to 2 months after launch. I also need a new phone so extra impatient. How much is a gionee 5.5 its the best built phone I’ve seen so far apart from find 5 and z2. Photos soon..

        • It is possible they could make a 5.5 inch phone with super narrow bezels which wouldn’t be too much bigger than the Find 5.

          • Allanitomwesh

            Looks to me like a slightly larger find 5 with the narrower bezels doing much of the accommodating the 5.5 inch display(s).They seem Note 3 narrow,which isn’t bad at all. Judging by the certification photos that is. Shame though the metallic camera bit is gone.

      • Can’t see why they would have it at MWC when the launch is in Beijing.

        • Maybe because they are still producing/recording the Find 7 official teaser next to Barcelona..