iNew V3, Xiaomi Hongmi and other dual sim phone discounts

The iNew V3 and Xiaomi hongmi are just two of the phones which have received special international pricing especially for GizChina readers.

Phone reseller PRCfrog are offering 6 top dual sim Chinese phones to GizChina readers at new lower prices. The prices might not necessarily be the cheapest for the phones mentioned but they are lower than most and from a reliable reseller.

The following phones are listed together with their new prices and discount codes.

  • Xiaomi hongmi – $187.99 – prcfrog_hongmi
  • iNew V3 – $173 – prcfrog_v3
  • Newman K2S – $265 –  prcfrog_k2s
  • THL W100S – $138.99 – prcfrog_w100s
  • Lenovo S820 – $175 – prcfrog_s820
  • Lenovo P780 – $205.99 – prcfrog_p780_ru
[ PRCFrog ]
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