Exclusive: JiaYu G6 development beings, here are the specs

With the JiaYu S2 signed off and ready for production, JiaYu’s engineers have set themselves a new task, the all new JiaYu G6 and we have exclusive details.

Like all phone companies, JiaYu always have something new in the pipeline, but unlike the others JiaYu have always been quiet open about what their plans include. This does mean if often feels like we are waiting around longer than usual for the latest JIaYu device but at least we know it is on its way.

The JiaYu G6 is a device which was first rumoured mid way through last year but eventually disappeared, The device is now back on the table though, but not as the phabet we once heard it would.

JiaYu G6 Specifications

The specifications we have hear are what JiaYu are developing the phone on, they have said that as new technology is released, and is is feasible to do so, they will do their best to incorporate it. So lack of 4G LTE in these specifications doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t getting 4G, just that it is not possible at this step (as Mediatek haven’t released dev 4G LTE chips).

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On to what we do know about this new JiaYu device. Starting as always with the front the display on the G6 is going to be a 5.7-inch 1920 x 1080 OGS panel with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 and a pixel density of 386ppi. The phone will come with the 2.0Ghz octacore Mediatek MT6592 chipset, and as usual a 1GB and 2GB model will go on sale with internal memory ranging form 16GB to 32GB.

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JiaYu are making the metal bodied G6 selfie certified with an 8 mega-pixel front facing camera, while the rear is a 13 mega-pixel auto focus model with LED flash. As always the phone has been designed with dual SIM support (two micro SIM cards) for use on GSM and WCDMA networks.

The 156 x 79 x 8mm will have a metal frame and come in black and white colour options with alternating black and white areas (see the above image). A 3500mAh battery has been squeezed in to the body (built in) along with dual speakers, NFC and wireless charging.

Looking over the specifications and the design drawings, the JiaYu G6 looks like a solid, if not awe inspiring, device. There are two areas which are a little disappointing though. The first is Android 4.2 and the second is the lack of external storage, but as the phone is still in the works these details (along with others) could change slightly.

So there you have it, the first exclusive details of the JiaYu G6. What do you think of this new phone? What do you think of JiaYu’s openness in regards to upcoming devices? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. GKako
    February 26, 2014

    How can most of 2014 phone models (inew v3) looks like Huawei’s Ascend P6 design (rounded bottom edge)?Maybe it’s just my idea…

  2. John
    February 26, 2014

    5,7 inches is way too big

  3. joni
    February 26, 2014

    too big screen, make 5.1, 5.2 max for phones, other is not needed, other are for tablets
    when I saw picture I said wow; beautiful phone I dont rounded edges like iphones, I like Inew design but Im disappointed with too big screen

    • Airyl
      February 26, 2014

      Get lost then. We’re here to discuss about the phone, not how big you want phones to be.

      • anagh ceon
        February 28, 2014

        actually the size of the phone matters and who are you to tell him to get lost !!!

        • anagh ceon
          February 28, 2014

          he was saying his oppinion . dont bark ok !!!

          • Airyl
            February 28, 2014

            Sorry, I’m just tired of going to the comments section to discuss about things like why this phablet is good or vice versa, but instead I find one of the many phablet haters who insist on going to every single phablet post just to write “to big for me” or “this is for giants”. If it were an original and interesting opinion, I would’ve answered in a more civilized way, but instead it’s the most overused opinion in the world, used by all phablet haters. If it’s too big for you, go get a smaller phone, there’s no need to continue pestering comment sections. Phablets are here to stay whether you like it or not, and people should learn to accept that.

  4. CocaColaManager
    February 26, 2014

    “Ahhh you broke the shovel, sweetie. Mommy’s got another one for you”

  5. simon
    February 26, 2014

    I hope its not the final design. They should look at http://www.concept-phones.com/.

  6. Beefgalore
    February 26, 2014

    Screen size is just right 🙂

  7. Evgenij Nebotov
    February 26, 2014

    if you don’t like that screen size, skip it, there are a lot of wonderful phones in 5″ factor, why bother bashing other models? i’m crosshopping only the 5.5-5.7″ models now.

  8. Allanitomwesh
    February 27, 2014

    There are several things wrong with this picture and I will comment on them for JiaYu to correct whilst they still can.
    1.The G6 is A Phablet
    One of the biggest reasons to buy a G series phone is because they are NEVER large phones. 5 generations of G series phones have seen more screen in the same overall dimensions of the phone. A thin bezel 5″ 1080p phone would have been more suited to be a G6
    2. The G6 is a clone.
    This has never happened. Don’t tell me you haven’t seen the Ascend P6 when you look at it. I know I have.
    3.The G6 lacks expandable memory
    Again this is a first. It has never happened and now is not the time to start.
    4.The G6 battery is not removable
    This has never happened and now is not the time to start JiaYu,fix it and fix it fast.
    There are some good things though
    1. The G6 has a large battery.
    Expected. Well done.
    2.The G6 has great specs
    Expected.Well done
    3.The G6 is WCDMA
    Lets not change that okay…good.

    Overall,it is feeling like an S phone to me,for the above reasons. Never liked S phones. Love G phones.

  9. jasneskis
    February 27, 2014

    I really like the fact that JiaYu is finally making a bigger phone. They could go up to six inches as far as I’m concerned.

  10. Ernesto
    July 24, 2014

    By now, the model I can get in the market has no LTE and no microSD, both topics that are blocking me to buy one and replace my G4 advanced. Also, the topic of the “not removable/not replaceable” is at my understanding no advantage at all for the users. What happen if the battery fails? Why I can’t have a second battery ready to replace it?
    The combination of the three points are disappointing me enough. By now, no new Jiayu for me…