OnePlus One will cost less than $400

oneplus one price

Pete Lau, the CEO of OnePlus, has gone on the record saying that the OnePlus One smartphone will cost less than $400!

After posting that the OnePlus One would cost less than $500 last week and being inundated by comments asking if that means the price would be $499, Pete Lau has gone on record about his companies first phone.

According to Pete, the OnePlus One will “definitely be available for under $400”that’s Xiaomi territory there, but for the OnePlus we are looking at availability outside of China! While this is great news, it still doesn’t give fans anything to go on. As it stands OnePlus have only confirmed their phone will support 4G LTE, will run CyanogenMod and cost less than $400. We still have no idea about the processor (likely a Qualcomm but which one), amount of RAM, screen size, resolution, camera etc!

OnePlus are an exciting brand, but how long can fans keep talking about a phone they have no idea about?

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