JiaYu S2 gets stacked up against the iPhone 5 in a set of pictures!

As the JiaYu S2 gets through checkpoints in its journey to the GizChina offices, we’re treated with a head-on comparison of the octa-core giant against Apple’s iPhone 5.

You don’t need to look closely in order to understand the similarities in design. JiaYu’s G4 and the G5 too were on the receiving end of many attacks which claimed that the devices borrowed design from the iPhone, and rightly so. Nonetheless, JiaYu continues to do well, and are currently preparing the launch of their big, new JiaYu S2. The S2, as the name implies, is the second phone from the S series of smartphones and features the octa-core MediaTek MT6592 under the hood.

As you would make out from the pictures, the design ‘inspiration’ is a bit more direct this time with more than just a little resembling the iPhone. We definitely would’ve liked to see a more original design, however, the audience JiaYu is targeting perhaps are the ones who don’t mind a bit of inspiration and care more about the processing prowess.

The S2 is set to come with a 5-inch 1080p display, 1GB/2GB RAM, 16GB/32GB ROM, a BSI 13 mega-pixel rear shooter, an 8 mega-pixel front camera a 2000mAh battery all packed in an elegant 7.2mm 6mm body. The S2 should be at the GizChina HQ soon, which is when you can expect to learn more about the device.

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