OnePlus One sketch leaked, gives away design details

oneplus packaging

OnePlus’ One has been one among the most elusive phones this year. However, today seems like a day when even the most elusive of devices are getting caught off guard (the OPPO Find 7 was leaked earlier today, along with packaging).

Just moments earlier, BGR ran a report which included a sketch of what is believed to be the OnePlus One design. The report states that the leak comes from a ‘trusted’ source, and that it shows the device from multiple angles as you can see below.

oneplus sketch

Looking at the design, one gets a feeling that the device will be highly symmetrical in design with a solid build. What we speak about the build is purely based on the annotations that come with the sketch. ‘CNC’, ‘PC’ and ‘AL’ suggest CNC fabrication, usage of polycarbonate and aluminium respectively.

A 3.5mm headset jack appears at the top of the device, right in the center, adding to the symmetry of the design. Going down on the rear, you can see a camera module, LED flash and the OnePlus logo in the typical stylized ‘1+’ font. ‘Cam Deco AL’ is what points to the entire camera module, which goes to suggest the usage of a metal (aluminium) strip to comprise the imaging elements (like the OPPO Find 5).

On the bottom or the ‘chin’ of the device, one can see machine drilled holes for stereo speakers with a power/wake key on the right edge. A ‘TP Lens’ annotated display is seen, which we think has something to do with the TOL (Touch On Lens) tech that OnePlus said would be used on the device. However, we can’t say for certain.

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The OnePlus One is nearing launch, and is set to feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor along with a 5.5-inch full HD display. OnePlus previously released a picture of the OnePlus One beneath a Sony Xperia Z1 to exaggerate upon the device’s thin bezels (the Xperia Z1 comes with a 5-inch screen whereas the One, with 5.5 inches).

What’s your take on this leaked design?

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