JiaYu F1 WCDMA will be available online for $74.99

jiayu f1 wcdma

Resellers have already started to make orders with JiaYu for the WCDMA version of the JiaYu F1 and we are starting to see the first international listing for the phone.

Yesterday, JiaYu updated their forums to show that a WCDMA 3G version of the JiaYu F1 was ready to go on sale. We mentioned in the article that international resellers were already getting ready to offer the phone and today we have been sent the first official listing.

Unsurprisngly the JiaYu F1 WCDMA is more expensive for international customers at $74.99, but that still has it as one cheapest dual-core, dual-SIM Android smartphones available. We have been testing the TD-SCDMA version of the F1 have been impressed by this little phone, it is very well made, feels solid and performance is more than we could expect considering the price.

Will you be buying the WCDMA JiaYu F1 at $74.99? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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