JiaYu Opens Flagship Store in Germany

JiaYu Opens Flagship Store in Germany

jiayu store germany

It is not uncommon to hear that Chinese phone companies are looking to enter Europe, but it is quite surprising to see a smaller player beat many of the big brands to it.

Chinese phone maker JiaYu has recently worked together with local entrepreneurs in Germany to open the countries first JiaYu store. The store is located in Kassel, Hessen and has already opened it’s doors to the public offering JiaYu smartphones and accessories to local customers.

jiayu store germany

The flagship German store is the second official physical JiaYu store in Europe, the first one having opened a few years ago in Spain.

[ JiaYu.de ]
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  • Simon

    Are they selling the Jiayu S2 yet ?

  • Airyl

    I would love to be a brand entrepreneur for JiaYu here in Malaysia. Is it possible Andi?

    • Yury

      ask to Jiayu, not to Andy

      • You could contact them, I bet they would be interested

  • kotsoss

    Do you know what are the prices? Is it the same with China?

    • The G5 Adv. is about 2815 RMB (incl. tax) in the german store.

      • kotsoss

        Its too expesive!

        • Wow that’s quite high, but at least you have a warranty and place to go for any support.

  • Allanitomwesh

    Wow, nice going. Dig the green.

  • Patrick

    Interesting, but what are they going to sell ? JiaYu phones are only partially compatible with European 3G networks due to lack of 900 MHz WCDMA support.

    • Actually F1 and G2F have a WCDMA version and there will be more…

      • Etienne

        G2F, right. Only on paper. Have not see one in the wild yet. Does the Kassel shop have one on stock?

        • The latest news is that G2F WCDMA 900 version would be available in June 2014…

  • Alan

    sorry but the phones are pretty expansive compared to buying them… example G5 32gb / 2 gb ram is about 454 $…. not interested…

  • jan

    the price in the store is higher because it is a new model. price will be higher and lower after a while……same as every new electronic product…..look at playstation release…..after a half year you pay less than in the beginning.