OnePlus One will be priced below 350 euros!

oneplus one euros

There has been a lot of concern around the price of the OnePlus One flagship. Can they really make a flagship phone at such a low price? The team believe they can and confirmed so today!

A few months back CEO of OnePlus told the world that his companies first phone would go on sale for lets than $500. The news spread like wild-fire, but as confirmed specification details for the device were released fans have become increasingly concerned it just won’t be possible.

Today Lau again confirmed the OnePlus One will have a low price and ensured fans in Europe that the One will cost less than 350 euros ($480). How OnePlus plan to sell their first phone remains a mystery but there are chances the company will either have a distribution center in the EU or team up with Amazon or similar.

The OnePlus One will launch on 23rd April in Beijing and will boast a 5.5-inch display, Snapdragon 801 processor and 3100mAh battery.

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