OnePlus One’s Headphones Revealed, Similar To Apple’s

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While anticipation for the OnePlus One has undoubtedly simmered down slightly after the company’s announcement of its invite only sales system, there is a bit of new news about the hardware OnePlus plans to be selling.

Or, more specifically, there is a bit of news about the hardware that will come packaged with the OnePlus One. Images of OnePlus headphones, presumably set to be packaged with the phone itself, were posted on the Chinese language OnePlus forums. A user posted them onto the Italian language forums before the images were picked up by our sister site, Now, we are bringing them to you here.

As several forum users were quick to point out, they look pretty similar to the headphones that come packaged with iPhones. That doesn’t stop them from looking nice though, and the iPhone headphones have a reputation for being extremely comfortable. If you are going to imitate anyone, Apple is usually a safe bet.

Also worth mentioning is that the headphones, as you can clearly see, are white and red. While it isn’t a confirmation of anything, it seems even more likely that the OnePlus One will be either white or red (or both) as well. The white and red packaging and the color scheme of pretty much everything OnePlus has used to hype its debut phone seems to confirm some combination of white and red.

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In other news OnePlus China have started to roll out video’s promoting the brand and their and 1 + 1 message. The below video is the first to go live on Chinese video streaming sites.

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The OnePlus One is set to debut on April 23rd we will be there live a the launch so stay tuned!

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