Xiaomi India claim to have their Mi3 ‘sold out’ in under 40 minutes

Xiaomi launched the Mi3 in India a couple of weeks back, and the brand’s popularity has been spreading like wildfire ever since. Which is quite understandable, given that domestic manufacturers in India have been dishing out overpriced devices for a while now, and the junta is craving for change.

Coming to the point, Xiaomi (operating in India as Mi India) announced on their Facebook page today after the Mi3 sale that they went out of stock in just 38 minutes and 50 seconds. What’s strange though, is the fact that the Chinese maker gave no figure regarding the number of devices that were on sale today.

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It has become routine for Xiaomi to perform such flash sales, and we’re sure most would agree. While it was largely Xiaomi’s home country of China that used to make the headlines some months back, these flash sales are now frequently taking place in markets outside the country.

For those unaware, Xiaomi’s Mi3 was made available for purchase on Flipkart for those who registered to buy the device between 15th and 21st July earlier today. However, not all of the registered members could make the purchase as the device soon went out of stock after Flipkart suffered a server crash.

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  1. Thor Jane
    July 22, 2014

    230 $ is cheapest price worldwide ever or?

  2. Yury
    July 22, 2014

    “no figure regarding the number of devices that were on sale today” — because it is not impressive. Very slow start in India.

  3. $2548414
    July 23, 2014

    A figure of 10 k units of Mi3 is bandied about having been put into this flash sale..considering the population a miniscule number. Perhaps Xiaomi were justing testing the waters and for 29 july sale at least 50k units will come on stream.