Xiaomi releases app which helps you discover if your phone is fake

xiaomi identification app

Apple, HTC and Samsung aren’t the only ones who have to contend with clone makers, Xiaomi have also been working to fight them for a long time and have released an app to help worried customers.

Knock off Xiaomi phones are a concern not only to the bank balance of CEO Lei Jun, but also customers and their safety. Over the past few years we have heard reports of fake Xiaomi phones exploding and generally being unsafe. The issue with Xiaomi clones is that with it being so difficult to get your hands on the real thing, it is quiet easy to fool someone in to believing a fake is real, it’s not helped that MIUI is available for a number of phones and that MIUI launchers are available for every device!

It has become such a problem that Xioami have just launched an app that can identify if your Xiaomi phone is fake or not. The “identification app” is currently in beta, but can be downloaded here and can test our MI phone.

A simple one click interface will tell you if you have the real deal or tricked by a reseller. Test your Xiaomi phone and let us know how it turns out!

[ GizChina.it ]
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