Xiaomi is charged with altering sales figures in Taiwan

xiaomi taiwan

Xiaomi are going from bad to worse, quickly! Once again the phone maker is in hot water due to their claimed sales numbers, but this time have been officially charged with altering sales!

Taiwanese officially have fine Xiaomi the equivalent of 15,000 Euros after they discovered that dames of the the Redmi from December 2013 had been altered to look better than they actually were.

During the sale, Xiaomi claimed that sold a total of 28,000 phones in under 10 minutes in three batches consisting of 10,000, 10,000 and 8,000. After authorities checked the claims though it appears the real amounts came to 9,339, 9,492 and 7,389.

Xiaomi have since apologised and forced to pay a fine of NT $600,000. The scandal comes after claims that Flipkart and Xiaomi have tried something similar in India this past week and after privacy concerns appeared with Xiaomi phones sending personal data back to servers in China.

[ GizChina.es ]
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