MIUI V6 gets it’s UI exposed in more leaks

xiaomi miui v6

Xiaomi fans around the world are waiting in anticipation for the launch of MIUI V6 tomorrow. If you don’t want any spoilers look away now as the following are leaked images of the new UI compared to V5.

I’m sure that many will agree that Xiaomi’s phones are great devices, and their custom ROM is excellent too, but the real weak point is the ancient, almost cartoonish UI. It has been year since Xiaomi have release an updated UI, and tomorrows MIUI V6 will be the most substantial yet!

The following images claim to show the new MIUI V6 UI compared to V5. The details we can gather from the images are that Xiaomi are going for a more modern “flat” UI which is currently trending.

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Xiaomi MIUI V6 leaks

Everything from the icons to the notification bar and menus has been given a fresh face in the new ROM.

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Unfortunately the images posted here are from Weibo and are of poor quality, the good news is that we only have to wait until tomorrow to see the new UI first hand. We will post details of MIUI V6 as soon as it is announced.

[ Weibo ]
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  1. Airyl
    August 15, 2014

    Interestingly, the cover photo shows MIUI V6 running on the Mi2. That should make a lot of users happy.

    • Abir
      August 15, 2014

      Hope I wake up tomorrow and find the new MIUI V6 update for my Mi3 🙂 fingers crossed

      • Louis
        August 15, 2014

        it will be in beta test after launch date, so I think you have to wait

        • Abir
          August 16, 2014

          *sighs* wish its released faster. But Im ready to wait a couple of months for it if it comes with android L when its finally released to consumers 😛

    • Remove Kebab
      August 15, 2014

      And on all Xiaomi with MTK SoC.