IUNI U3 officially launched with 2K display, dual sim LTE, ultra pixel...

IUNI U3 officially launched with 2K display, dual sim LTE, ultra pixel for just $320!

iuni u3 price

IUNI have once again shook the Chinese smartphone world with the release of their latest smartphone! The IUNI U3 has launched for 1999 Yuan in China with 2K QHD display!

IUNI kicked off their year with the launch of their first ever phone, the IUNI U2, which was released at around the same time as the Oppo Find 7. Less than a year on and they already have the successor to the U2 ready to launch and here it is!

The IUNI U3 had already been teased on the official IUNI SNS services. The details told of a 2K display and had us guessing as to which processor the phone will be running.

The phone has now been officially unveiled in Beijing today with all the details released about the Snarpdragon 801 powered phone. Official specs include a 5.5-inch Sharp display with a pixel density of 538ppi and Corning Gorilla Glass for protection. Keeping the 5.5-inch panel manageable has meant reducing the bezels to a minimum, so the IUNI U3 measures in at just 74.9mm.

IUNI have moved away from the all metal body of the U2 for a durable plastic body, which they say will resist dirt and look better for longer. The chassis remains metal though, and is in fact a magnesium alloy to keep weight down.

The IUNI U3 continues to use a Qualcomm processor, this time a 2.3Ghz Snapdragon 801 which also boasts 4G LTE. There is 3GB RAM, 32GB memory on board and even room for external memory.

Interestingly IUNI have given the IUNI U3 dual SIM LTE standby, a large 3000mAh battery and a 4 mega-pixel ultra-pixel front camera. The rear camera is a 13 mega-pixel sensor with F2.0 aperture and OIS optical image stabilisation!

The IUNI ROM is now running on Android 4.4 Kitkat and according to our sources will receive English this time around. The IUNI U3 will be available in black, white and green from next month in China for only 1999 Yuan!

IUNI U3 launch photos

What do you make of the IUNI U3? Could this be the flagship killer we have really all been waiting for?

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  • realjjj

    The exchange rate pushed $ price a bit higher so it’s more like 325$.
    Great specs for the price.
    The one fault is that it’s rather thick at 10.3mm and are you sure it has microSD?

    Edit: the back is very curved so it’s thickness shouldn’t be much of a problem.But i am still not convinced it has microSD

  • Sere83

    wowzers, looks bonkers, they really have done a madness. Hope you can get this one in for review.

    • Frank Wu

      I agree, at 10.3mm it’s a little porky! ?

  • Chico Migraña

    Really good!! Any news about release date?

  • adam

    wow just wow… plz review this ASAP

  • rajnish kumar

    WOW!!!! This is reason why brands like xiaomi are venturing in new areas so quickly coz there is lots of competition in homeland china with same price range. Gone are the days when only xiaomi used to make highly affordable high end smartphone, now we have nubia opo iuni and others in the same bracket.
    When you venture into new territories like India they are almost unaware of such war and which ever companies explores these areas first will certainly make handsome money from expansion. Same is the case of xiaomi in India, after china it has been there most successful market.
    MI3 Stocks:
    38 minutes(due to system failure), 5 sec . 2 sec , 2.4 sec , 2.3 sec , 2.4 sec and the stocks are out.
    Already there has been news on NUbia Z7 launch on oct in india and OPO started hiring and will be available in india before MI4 reaches india.

  • Hellvetta

    My next favorite.

  • spm

    Its too fat. ….

    • lilboy

      yeah, 145mmx74.9mmx10.3mm, … and with 176g way too heavy.

      • amirexpressir

        yes,…its width and… are just the same as xperia z1 which is 5inch(although this phone is 5.5inch

      • Force70

        Well no wonder its way too heavy and too big for you given your username lol.

        Hit the gym a little bit and maybe 176g wont seem so heavy for you lil fella.

        Just messin with ya dude lol.

        Seriously you have to admit Its a pretty great device for the $ far better than the OPO and you probably wont need an invite to buy it.

    • dadad

      Oh just fuck you… it’s to pink, its to yellow, seriously

  • toioioio

    And i just ordered the honor 6…

  • Awesomeeeeeee

    • David

      if there will be cm11 it would be defenitely a winner in flagship fight

      • Jonas

        MIUI > CM ~I used to use CM11 but I fell in love with MIUIv5. The only downside about the MIUIv5 is that it doesn’t support app2sd feature. Which admittedly sucks(and weird!) But the UI is so beautiful!

  • Danny H.

    Exceptional value here! 2k rmb for 2k screen! Almost unbelievable! Can’t wait for the review.

  • Simon

    Thats fabulous. Keep us updated when English rom is available please !

  • Aeonia

    except the IUNI U2 was and is still barely available for purchase to international markets..

    • Simon

      Also no English Rom was available for the U2, which is now about to change.

  • TheOracle

    3000mah battery for a 2k screen and dual sim lte? Both huge battery killers. That’s a non-starter right there. Great phone otherwise.

  • tarun

    Great specs, any idea about the reliability of iuni phones?

  • desponent

    Yes, with those specs if you can actually get one at MSRP it’s worthy of being called flagship killer.

    Don’t really care with 2K screen, in fact it’s a detriment if you’re a heavy gamer since it means lower FPS for barely, if any, difference than good 1080p panel at 5.5″.

  • Brooklyn701

    Yes finally one has made the rigth changes!!!! JESUS it took ages! English, Dual SIM, LTE, super specs, decent size/screen ratio and a humane price!!!! YES!!!!

  • Hamed

    what did u define flagship killer!?? the spec is just normal! opo & mi4 & g3 have overall better spec with smaller thickness and lighter body! and the price is not that low! i can’t believe someone take this over opo ! 10.3 mm!? definitely a disaster in comparison with flagship phones!

    • Airyl

      It’s an amazing value for money.

  • Abir

    Another one on my wishlist, just hope there are custom ROM’s dont care to use IUNI, MIUI, Amigo, Color or whatever UI these Chinese manufacturers bring.

    • Airyl


  • Rob

    I hope it will be better than the U2. Was slightly dissapointed by the ROM and no english version.

    • we are helping Iuni company to make the multi-language ROM for iuni u3.

  • Jay

    Holy cow! All this at US$320?

    They just kicked OnePlus in the groin!

  • yudhir

    Nah ! I will pass it, It has everything .

  • Zaroth

    I will definitely buy this amazing phone. Really awesome price/specs.

  • desponent

    It doesn’t seem to have SD slot, sigh, another great phone crossed off the list.

    Edit: Yes confirmed to not have SD slot by a reviewer who had a hand-on with the physical phone, pshaw.

  • Kingu Prima

    still no smartphones with MTK6795 or MTK6595 ?

    • Qualcomm processor is better , right?

      • Kingu Prima

        depends, CPU better with Mediatek, GPU Qualcomm

  • Vitaliy

    Loved smartphone. Want want hochu.Ya of Ukraine it would be good so and we could buy this smartphone

  • This certainly looks promising.

  • ferdi

    where can we buy it?

    • coolicool is the official seller of Iuni, my friend.

  • Lakis

    No DLNA?