Meizu MX4 costs from $449 to international customers

meizu MX4 review

Meizu have released the retail pricing details of their Meizu MX4 for international customers today. Keep reading and let us know what you think of the price.

After using the Meizu MX4 for almost a week now, there is no doubt in my mind that it is a fine device with some rather nice and unique features. The screen size and ratio make the large screen phone a joy to use, the octacore MT6595 processor is fast and responsive even for gaming, the 20.7 mega-pixel rear camera is a great feature and Flyme 4.0 is one of the nicer Chinese ROMs available.

All in all it is a great phone and for Chinese fans the device is a steal at only 1799 Yuan, but as we know Meizu have also allowed international customers pre-order the phone, so how much will it cost you through the official channels? Today that question was answerd as Meizu released details that customers who had pre-ordered the phone could now pay for the device. The official international retails price? $449.

Compared to the Chinese retail price that’s an increase of $150, a lot of money but compared to some of the high retail prices of the Mi4, and OnePlus One (when buying them through resellers) it isn’t as high as it could have been. Logistics and tax will be part of the reason for the higher cost, plus buying through an official store will mean an official warranty and back up should anything go wrong, but even still we expect there will be a fewer disheartened fans who hoped for a more competitive price.

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Meizu MX4 Hands on Video

What do you make of the Meizu MX4’s price tag? Let us know in the comments below.

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