Vivo believed to be working on Windows Dual-boot phone after leaks

vivo windows phone

Vivo are a brand regarded highly for their Android smartphone, that year after year redefine top-of-the-range. However as the Android market get’s a little crowded the parent company of Oppo looks toward Windows for the future!

Well that’s at least what the rumours, and these purported leaks are suggesting. Spotted earlier today over on Chinese tech site MyDrivers, the images and video below are thought to show a prototype Vivo phone under testing.

The Video (available here) itself doesn’t really show us all that much other than half a phone screen and Windows Mobile icons flicking around the display. By the looks of it the phone is running Windows 8.1 and the phone itself could be a 5-inch device and looks similar to the Vivo X5L.

Chinese sites are claiming the phone will be a dual boot device which can also boot in to Android, a first for Vivo!

Vivo aren’t the only Chinese smartphone looking at alternate operating systems. Meizu have Ubuntu in the works and sources claim that Xiaomi are developing their own MIUI OS. Which other phone makers do you think would benefit from using other operating systems?

Thanks to Simon for the tip!

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