Xiaomi Redmi Note spotted running MIUI V6 based on Kitkat

Redmi Note owners you could be in for a nice chunk of Kitkat soon after leaked photos show MIUI V6 running on the large screen Xiaomi.

Xiaomi’s rollout of MIUI V6 has hit a few issues over the past months the most upsetting of all being that although V6 would come to most Xiaomi phones, not all device would get the update to Android 4.4 Kitkat.

Of all Xiaomi phone users, the most concerned that they would not get the later Android version were users of the older Mi2S and mid range Redmi models.

Today’s photos from the MIUI_ROM Weibo feed are encouraging though as they show the 5.5-inch Xiaomi Redmi Note running MIUI V6 based on Android. As we can see from the images though, the phone with the update is the LTE model with a Snapdragon processor. We are still unsure if Mediatek version of the phone will receive a similar update.

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