KingSing T8, a $99 Xiaomi Mi4 clone coming to an international reseller near you

kingsing T8

We are seriously loosing count of the number of companies using the Xiaomi Mi4 as inspiration for their new smartphones, but however many it is here is another name to add to the list.

$99 is what it costs for the KingSing T8, or at least it will once the phone goes on sale via resellers across the internet. This isn’t the first time we have seen a Xiaomi Mi4 clone, more is it the first time a $99 knock off has shown up, but at least Kingsing do have a reputation of producing actual physical phones behind them.

The factory making the T8 for Kingsing (and Zeaplus, No.1, DooGee, Elephone) is offering the Mi4 design to anyone who wants it and even giving customers their choice of custom specifications.

kingsing T8

KingSing have opted for a 1.4Ghz Mediatek MT6592M octacore processor, with 1GB RAM, dual SIM support, micro SD memory expansion and 5-inch 854 x 480 resolution display. Personally we should have been happier with a MT6582, 2GB RAM and a higher resolution 720p display, but there we have it.

Like the numerous other clones the KingSing T8 comes in either black or while with a fancy metal chassis holding it all together.

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