Counterfeit Find 7 and N3 phones turn into a cause of concern for OPPO

polaroid selfie

Makers like Apple and Samsung have for long been playing whack-a-mole with every shanzhai aka clone maker that pops up in China. However, these clone makers have of late found another favourite, in compatriot company OPPO.

What’s funny is that not only do no-name, no-address companies in China make clones of OPPO phones, even the likes of Polaroid have given OPPO cloning a shot. This menace has apparently grown to a level that called for the company to address the same. OPPO’s top-of-the-line phones such as the Find 7 and the N3 are apparently the targets for these clone makers.

In Malaysia, the problem seems to have grown out of proportion; enough to make the regional manager issue a statement regarding the same.


This is one of the serious cases since OPPO came to Malaysia and we are truly concerned about the situation. OPPO have lived as part of the nation’s family member, this issue not only rips off the consumer and provides shoddy products, and we truly cannot accept any cheating cases to our customers. We are devastated over the situation and it is our responsibility to take action upon the situations and shall take legal action once we found any unethical parties and counterfeiters.

The statement, as read above, also encourages victims to lodge formal complaints so that proper action can be taken against the wrong doers.

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