OnePlus One’s OxygenOS has a pretty boot animation

OnePlus is like that one player in the team that you just can’t keep out of the action. After getting into trouble with CyanogenMod Inc., OnePlus decided to move on and start with scratch for their own ROM, which they choose to call ‘OxygenOS‘ for the international market (and H2OS for the Chinese market).

More details about the ROM are promised to come on the 12th of this month, but OnePlus has maintained that it will be a bloat-free ROM with some added features, possibly in an attempt to bring the functionality close to their soon-to-be-erstwhile CyanogenMod OS.

It appears as though the boot animation of the OxygenOS has made its way online, and from what we can tell it looks pretty pleasing to the eye with the red/black combo. What we must also mention is that there’s no way to ascertain the authenticity of this bootanim, so please don’t make this the basis for your next smartphone purchase.

What’s more, the bootanimation can also be downloaded here, but you’re own with flashing and installation of the same. Take a look at it in action below.

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